Huawei’s Ultra-Broadband world tour makes stop in Pretoria, South Africa

The Huawei UBBS (ultra-broadband summit) world tour made its stop in Pretoria for the Eastern and Southern Africa leg of the expo. With the theme of “Broadband for All, Building a Better Connected Africa”, the summit was attended by some 300 participants, including operator executives, experts from industrial standards organizations, consultants, and Ministers of ICT from Angola, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Namibia, and Swaziland. The attendees gathered at the summit to discuss the ICT strategy for African countries as well as the ICT development trends and hot topics.

To help operators in Southeast Asia seize the opportunities created by ultra-broadband development, Huawei proposed three key measures: build a platform for dialogues with governments, operators, regulators, and third parties in order to facilitate policy making and regulation for ICT development; promote industry cooperation in broadband and video development and to lead ICT to become a key engine for national digital transformation.

Li Peng, president of Huawei’s Eastern and Southern Africa Region, stated in his opening speech: “Digital transformation in Africa requires collaboration among stakeholders. Governments need to encourage investments both at home and abroad to facilitate broadband development. Also, they need to define ICT preferential policies to support development of small- and medium-sized enterprises and foster ICT talents. Regulators need to keep monitoring and adjusting regulating policies to reinforce infrastructure construction and encourage fair competition. Private sectors need to cooperate with governments to provide technical support and guarantee.”

At the summit, Thecla Mbongue, chief analyst of OVUM, released Digital Media Opportunity Index for sub-Sahara Africa and analyzed metrics across over 20 sub-Saharan African countries. Thecla Mbongue stated: “Video has become the key for carriers to grow revenue. Furthermore, increasing speed is the key to delivering an optimal user experience for video. With the popularization of video content and terminals, video traffic is set to witness exponential growth. Upgrading the network is imperative.”

The UBBS world tour 2016 is organized by Huawei together with United Nations Broadband Committee and well-known regional telecom consultancies. The tour started in Hong Kong and continues through Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, and South Africa. The summit is a platform for a higher level of comprehensive and multi-stage dialogue, aiming to encourage regional operator executives and broadband industry partners to exchange innovative ideas, share success stories, and discuss models for sustainable industry development in a bid to maximize the potential of ultra-broadband.

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