Kenya tops Africa in HiiL Justice Accelerator 2016 finalist shortlist

The HiiL Justice Accelerator (HJA) programme has announced the shortlist for 2016 Challenges. A total 69 innovations were selected out of more than 450 applications as part of the final shortlist. The shortlist is composed of innovations from 16 countries drawn from Africa, Middle East and Ukraine.

In terms of country representation, the country with the most applications in the shortlist is Ukraine, with 17 innovations. Ukraine is followed by Kenya with 13, Nigeria and Uganda with 9 each, and South Africa with 5. Three innovations each come from Tunisia and Ghana while two come from Tanzania. One innovation each comes from Zimbabwe, U.A.E., Senegal, Rwanda, Mozambique, Malawi, Côte d’Ivoire, and Benin.



In terms of regional representation, the highest-represented region is East Africa, with 25 innovations. This is followed by Ukraine (Eastern Europe) with 17, West Africa with 15, Southern Africa with 8, Northern Africa with 3, and the Middle East with 1.

In terms of sector or challenge, 26 of the shortlisted innovations will compete for the SME Empowerment Challenge; 23 will compete for the Family Justice Challenge; and an additional 20 are innovative legal technologies from Ukraine, or technologies in Africa not competing in one of the first two challenges.

The HJA innovations aim to tackle a wide range of justice-related issues – ranging from creating cartoons to educate SMEs on legal procedures in Senegal to creating a SMS-based platform for registering rural births in Côte d’Ivoire.

The comprehensive list of the shortlisted innovations will be released by HJA on July 27 via the organisation’s website.

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