MOAB Power launches new solar home systems and digital TV products in Africa

MOAB POWER announces the launch of its newest plug-n-play Solar Home Systems – the MOAB TV 60 and the MOAB TV 120 – with 16” and 19” digital LED TVs, coupled with small indoor/ outdoor antenna, for free over-the-air [OTA] entertainment.

According to the Digital TV Sub-Saharan Africa Forecasts from Digital TV Research, nearly two-thirds of TV homes (36.2 million) took digital signals by end 2015, up from 18.7% (7.9 million) in 2010. Complete digital transition was achieved in Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda by end 2015. This count will increase from 6 countries at end 2015 to 11 by end of 2016. Digital TV penetration will reach 99.9% in 35 forecast countries by 2021 or 74.7 million homes.

“While we take part in addressing the basic power and lighting needs of the over 2 billion people worldwide that lack access to energy, we value the importance of empowering and uplifting them through access to knowledge and entertainment. Promoting off-grid appliances, commencing with television, will be one of MOAB’s immediate goals for Africa, along with Asia and other parts of the world”, says MOAB POWER’s CTO, Nick Patel.

The MOAB TV 60 package consists of a 16” TV, a miniature indoor/outdoor antenna, a 10W monocrystalline solar panel, a 60Wh lithium power management unit with four 12V and two USB ports, three 100 lumen LED lights and a multi-tip mobile phone charger. The MOAB TV 120 upgrades the TV 60 offering with a larger 19” TV, a 20W solar panel and a 120Wh power management unit. Both are part of the current pico product line.

The MOAB Power Management System utilizes proprietary, safe, 10-year lithium cells, coupled with smart power management and an LED display. It is the most powerful unit enclosed in one of the smallest and lightest packages, compared to competing Solar Home Systems.

The MOAB products come with a full 3-year warranty [2-years for TV], and are available with Pay-As-You-Go for the Base-of-the-Pyramid [BOP] market. The MOAB TV units will be available in Q3 of 2016, through select distributors and retailers worldwide.

MOAB POWER is a global design and build firm, specializing in mobile and portable lithium energy storage technology. Founded in 2011, it is a spin-off off a 20-year-plus old technology pioneer, with roots in the solar and battery technology, for commercial, industrial, military and space. It is the team that brought the world its first lithium battery power bank in 1997, and its first solar embedded lithium power bank in 2007.

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