Infinix shoots mini ‘Survivor Series’ in Kenya ahead of new device launch

Infinix Mobility over the weekend treated its fans to a thrilling experience in the filming and production of a mini survivor series that will premier during the launch of the latest Infinix device on August 17, 2016 in Nairobi.

The survivor series is modeled along the popular reality TV show and will showcase two travelers on a journey from Nairobi to Magadi and back. The two participants were recruited in an online challenge last week and given minimal essentials to survive during the journey with one getting a brand new device.

The two travelers are the first to sample the upcoming device, albeit as their only companion along the treacherous journey that lasts for two days without any reserve power.

In the shoot, the travelers get a chance to make calls, take pictures of the scenic places such as the Hot Springs in Magadi, and attractions to bring out the adaptability of the new device in their lifestyle.

Speaking on the series, Inifnix Mobility’s Country Manager for Kenya Carter Tang said the company is keen on creating devices that will offer the best technological experience, while at the same time giving users the reliability that they seek.

“This survivor series just shows how our engineering technology is transforming mobility,” said Tang. “We came up with this idea to showcase the value of a reliable piece of technology for our consumers and how research development fits into the progressive innovation that we are consistently rolling out.”

Throughout the journey, the travelers are taken through challenging situations and given an opportunity to utilise their device to find solutions as well as share their moments with their family and friends.

In the episodes, the travelers are featured exhibiting some of their most notable emotions, frustrations and the best moments, highlighting a real–life experience on a journey that would possibly be done by any particular adventurer.

The series, which comes in 5 episodes, will be shared on YouTube after the launch of the featured device, which has been designed as the ultimate companion. The device comes with great features and has been adapted to suit the diverse needs of African consumers.

“We will unveil this beautiful device at the premier of this Survivor series next week,” said Cicen Zhang, Infinix Mobility’s Head of Digital Marketing in Kenya.

Infinix Mobility is a Hong-Kong based smartphones and tablet manufacturer established in 2009. The company has Research & Development centres in France and Shanghai, with manufacturing centres in China as well as local subsidiaries in 60 countries worldwide. Infinix has built partnerships with leading corporations such as MediaTek and Google to allow for constant development of progressive products that integrate the latest technological innovations.

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