Take your business to the next level: Selling Platform Connect

By ACO East Africa 

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Amadeus Selling platform connect has 6 innovative features to take your business to the next level.

Feature 1: Fully Web-Based

The web has been the single most important catalyst for change in the travel industry.

  • It has empowered suppliers, allowing them to sell direct
  • It has empowered travellers– with more information & price transparency
  • And it has empowered new competitors to enter the industry

Traditional travel agents may have missed out… But now be sure to take advantage of what the web has to offer. The opportunities available to your business depend on your choice of professional booking platform.

What if your chosen platform allowed you to be:

  • Independent of time constraints?
  • Independent of location?
  • Independent of hardware?

Amadeus Selling platform offers you the opportunity to stand out from the rest;

  • No installation required just a user name and password
  • Fully secure
  • It is the only fully web page booking and fulfilment platform
  • You can service your customers anytime and anywhere.

Feature 2: Everyone on the Latest Version

Imagine being safe in the knowledge that you always had the latest version, the latest cool new features and standardised workflows without any local installation…

And what if you had all this, plus;

  • The freedom to tailor your platform to your local business needs…
  • All the rich content you would expect…
  • Innovative productivity tools…
  • …in an online interface which had been designed with travel agents themselves?

Using Amadeus Selling platform connect, means all agents work with its latest version and can easily navigate and master new features saving on support and training.

Only Amadeus offers travel agents all the advantages of a professional online booking platform TODAY plus the power applications & customisation possibilities they need for the future.

Feature 3: Productivity Suite

There is a whole range of professional booking platforms available to agents today, but do you get the impression they’re all the same? Designed by programmers who don’t truly understand how your business operates? With a lot of talk of innovation but very little that actually materializes?

Well now there exists a platform that has been designed hand in hand with travel agents.

Built to behave the way you think in your day to day work; with unique innovations and packages of powerful and customisable productivity tools.

With a range of innovative productivity tools, you can decide which specific products you need and share them with your teams in your own office and across the globe.

Feature 4: Customised Configuration

The travel world is full of content and full of ways to access it. But you, the travel agent, have never been able to control which content you have access to in an easy way through a single tool you can call your own and which behaves in line with your business needs. But everything out there on the market isn’t the same anymore.

You now have a platform you can customize with packages of tools and you can tailor to your needs, constructed together with your ACO; and unique scripts that can be designed and shared in a click. Local content can be fully integrated to complement the extensive global content already available.

Amadeus connects the industry with an unrivalled infrastructure. There are unique packages tailored to suite your business needs and daily tasks.

This is all centralised in the industry’s only fully online professional booking platform.

Feature 5: Multi-Office

The Multi- office feature enables all agents in the same network to securely access another office in just once click. Whether that’s a block away or a thousand miles, there is no need to log in again.

Experience fewer technical issues, eradicate compatibility concerns and ensure your agents all offer the same level of customer service.

Feature 6: Improved work flows

You don’t have to put up with a static off-the-shelf product which is the same as everyone else’s.

Design an Amadeus Selling Platform Connect package unique to your business and work with Amadeus to tailor your platform according to your individual needs.

The Amadeus interface design adapts to your way of working creating a smooth natural dashboard for you to check, amend and share across your network and with your customers with a single click.

Select from the range of tools in the Productivity Suite to fit the automation of your workflows. Intuitive productivity tools will speed up your booking flows, thus improving customer service and saving money.

(This post was first published on the Amadeus Africa blog). 

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