ABBYY business card scanner app can now export contacts to MS Excel

The ABBYY Business Card Reader – popularly referred to as ABBYY BCR – app has undergone a significant Android update and new version has several features that were not found in the previous version of the app.

ABBYY BCR is an advanced business card scanner and contact manager. It allows the user to digitize business cards in 25 languages with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The updated version has various key features. These include enhanced computer vision enabling the app to identify the edges of a business card; auto focus and auto click (the user just needs to point the camera and the app will do the rest); automatic perspective correction; auto crop; manual crop; image enhancing filters; ability to scan both sides of a business card at once and full screen viewing mode. It also comes with the ability to export contacts to MS Excel as a searchable, manageable database and now has 50% higher processing speed, meaning that it now takes only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card.

Just as before, BCR users have access to their business cards across platforms and can save their contacts in the Cardholder within the app, on device and/or in the cloud. Sharing options include text message and email. Built-in search on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter makes professional networking effortless and effective.

ABBYY Business Card Reader is available in 2 versions: Free and Pro. The free version gives access to all the features except synchronization for 10 business cards. To get full-feature access with unlimited scanning, users need to buy the ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro for US $15.

The ABBYY BCR has been developed by ABBYY, a US-based content capture and imaging technology firm with operations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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