2 Kenyan start-ups among winners of HiiL’S 2016 Innovating Justice Award

The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL) has picked a total of ten start-ups in the category of SME Empowerment and Family Justice, following a series of bootamps in September which provided a platform for showcasing the innovations. Among the 10 start-ups is Kenya’s Famalia and Sauti  that will benefit from HiiL’s US $176,000 (EUR 160,000) grant.

This year, HilL received over 450 applications which were put under a 4-month process of selection with ten satisfying the jury on the strength of their team, scope, uniqueness and the ability to meet a real justice need.

The ten winning start-ups have been picked from eight countries, and tackle justice issues as diverse as rural birth registration in Cote d’Ivoire to emergency legal help in Ukraine.

Four of the winners participated in the Family Justice Challenge, and four winners participated in the SME Empowerment Challenge this year. Two additional winners were strong general legal tech solutions that we felt also have a high potential for providing access to justice. Of the ten winners, four are innovations led by female entrepreneurs.

All the finalists will be invited to the Innovating Justice Forum in early December in The Hague, Netherlands, which will see them pitch to an international audience with the aim of raising more funding for their project. Besides the grant, the winners will benefit from acceleration support including access to useful networks and expert advice.

Here’s the complete list of the 10 start-ups:

AnthonyRhodes (Nigeria): The AnthonyRhodes objective is to provide clients with the best tools, techniques and tactics through our online platform, to protect and assist them meet their capability, competency, personal, family and business goals in a sustainable way.

Famalia (Kenya): FAMALIA is an SMS solution that seeks to empower people to conveniently get information on succession cases (Cases dealing with transfer of inherited property among family members/ dependants). The process of transferring inherited property from a deceased person is normally STRESSFUL & RESOURCE-DRAINING, we seek to make it EASIER.

J2P (Uganda): Nearly over 80% of Crimes and offenses go unattended to or are not recorded or tracked by the Police, Victims cant get access to legal help or follow up on their cases. J2P is a platform to help all parties to get Justice.

Legal Advice Middle East (UAE): Legal Advice Middle East is an online legal services marketplace connecting consumers and lawyers across the UAE and the Middle East.

Legal Alarm (Ukraine): We created an app to provide emergency legal help for people in situation when they can’t choose a lawyer and/or can’t correctly describe their place or situation, for example being abroad. Also for Ukraine and other countries with developing democracies this project can help to stand against police harassment or power overuse.

Legal Legends (South Africa): Africa’s first eCommerce website (possibly the world) for quality, affordable legal services for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, offered at fixed upfront prices. Orders made through our eCommerce platform are distributed among our panel of highly rated freelance lawyers to do the work.

Moh Ni Bah (Cote d’Ivoire): Moh Ni Bah (“congratulations for the baby”) is a birth registration platform in rural areas via mobile and SMS. This innovation aims to achieve a birth registration rate in rural areas of 90% in 2025.

Puliida (Uganda): At Puliida, we believe that in order for communities to get out of poverty and adapt to climate change, farmers and low-income Agripreneurs should access the same range of professional services other businesses routinely obtain, including legal support and advisory.

Sauti (Kenya): Sauti, meaning voice in Swahili, is a mobile-based trade information and social accountability platform for SMEs engaged in cross-border trade in the East African Community. Our mission is to empower cross-border traders to exercise their rights as citizens of the EAC – able to trade legally, safely and profitably across borders.

Ufulu Wanga (Malawi): Ufulu Wanga (“My Freedom”) provides an efficient and robust web to SMS interactive technology platform that allows a basic citizen to send in anonymized reports on human rights violations such as domestic violence; queries on separation and divorce procedures and issues pertaining to child custody. 

HiiL Innovating Justice is a not-for-profit institution based in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice. We partner with NGOs, governments and legal entrepreneurs to improve rule-making and conflict resolution processes. Guided by the belief that justice should be accessible to everyone, we work to increase access to justice and enhance the rule of law. We support clients and other stakeholders doing this together, across borders and based on the best available knowledge. The Innovating Justice Accelerator is developed by HiiL Innovating Justice in partnership with Next2Company.

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