Cape Town, South Africa to host Open Education Conference in March 2017

The Open Education Global 2017 Conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa on March 08-10. This is the first time that the conference will be held on African soil. The event will feature a pre-conference workshop on March 7, 2017 introducing participants to the key facets and opportunities of Open Education.

The OE Global conference is the most internationally diverse conference devoted exclusively to open education, attracting researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators and students from more than 35 countries around the world. Open Education encompasses those engaging with open educational resources (OER), open textbooks, MOOCs, open data, open science, open source and other aligned open initiatives.

The 2017 Open Education Global Conference is co-organized by the University of Cape Town and the Open Education Consortium.  The University of Cape Town is a recognized leader in sharing and promoting educational materials openly, and is particularly noted for leading research into the impacts of open education for development. It is also the first university in Africa to release MOOCs on international platforms. The Open Education Consortium is a network of nearly 300 institutions worldwide committed to creating a more equitable and innovative future for education through open practices.

The theme of the Open Education Global 2017 Conference is Open for Participation.

The conference organisers are currently accepting proposals that take an open approach in education. This includes formal and non-formal education; primary, secondary and higher education; open educational practices, projects, policies, research, collaborations and impact; open data, open access, open science, open organizations and open source software among others.

The Open Education Global Conference provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss how opening education helps in achieving universal access, equity, innovation and opportunity in education.

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