Orange buys stake in SecBI, an advanced cybersecurity threat solutions provider

Orange Digital Ventures has acquired a stake in SecBI, a leading developer of advanced cyber-security threat detection solutions. The investment is part of SecBI’s Series A funding round which also had several other investors taking part including Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and Connecticut Innovations.

SecBI’s advanced software solution automates threat detection and incident investigation, utilizing proprietary machine learning technology to analyze all network security log data. This allows it to detect advanced and hidden threats, unveil the full scope of an attack, and create a comprehensive incident storyline with autonomous investigation — making mitigation fast and accurate. The SecBI solution is agent-less and appliance-less, making deployment swift and simple.

With the recent focus on detection systems, businesses are overwhelmed with alerts – each of which requires a skilled investigation in order to weed out the false positives and craft a response to the genuine threats. This process is taking an increasingly long time, much of it spent on searching and contextualizing large amounts of data. SecBI automates the data analysis and helps companies investigate and quickly determine the optimal response.

Pierre Louette, Orange’s Deputy CEO and also President of Orange Digital Ventures said: “As cyber threats are expanding even more rapidly both in volume and sophistication, cybersecurity is becoming a top concern and priority for businesses. Orange is already a leader in IT security services and its ambition is to be a trusted partner for businesses by offering them world-class services in security. We believe that SecBI’s capacity to use fragments of data to produce a full end-to-end story representing a complete incident is unique. SecBI’s threat detection system reduces breach response time and optimizes mitigation of the most advanced threats. This is the kind of solution our customers are waiting for.”

Gilad Peleg, CEO of SecBI said: “We are delighted to partner with Orange Digital Ventures for the purpose of helping businesses accelerate their threat detection and mitigation processes. Orange Business Services’ leading role in the cyber defense market will also assist with our development.”

Alex Vaystikh, CTO and SecBI cofounder and cyber-security veteran said: “We’re developing cutting edge technology that enables businesses to investigate and mitigate threats more quickly and accurately – and with a lot less headache. How? By finding threats that other solutions miss, and delivering a full narrative and incident report that includes all affected users, domains, assets and more.”

SecBI provides an advanced threat detection system that uncovers the full scope of cyber-attacks, including all affected users, domains, assets and more. Based on proprietary machine learning technology, SecBI’s solution detects advanced threats that other systems miss, creates a comprehensive incident storyline with autonomous investigation, and enables rapid and accurate mitigation. SecBI’s team uniquely balances cybersecurity domain expertise and technological ingenuity with entrepreneurship, large scale operational experience and business leadership. The company was founded in 2014 in JVP Cyber Labs in Be’er Sheva.

Orange Digital Ventures identifies and funds early-stage start-ups by making investments via minority holdings. The focus is on financing those start-ups working on the new and next transformations of digital ecosystem and targeting large markets/sectors, through innovation, disruptive technologies or new business models. Orange Digital Ventures will support in particular start-ups in the fields of new Connectivities, Enterprise Cloud and data, the Internet of Things, and Fintech, from any geographical location.

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