Orange’s virtual reality headset, VR1, to cost $54.5 in Europe

Orange has enhanced its presence in the field of virtual reality (VR) with the launch of the Orange VR1 headset which will be available to consumers across several European markets. The Orange VR1 is the latest device to join the company’s portfolio of own-branded devices.

Aimed at customers making their first steps into the VR world, Orange is delivering a complete VR solution that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Accompanying the headset is the Orange VR 360 discovery application which allows customers to use VR tutorials to ensure a quick and easy set-up, plus immediate access to 360 video content including a gaming experience, a sci-fi action clip and an educational video. The application will continue to evolve and be updated with new content and experiences. Customers in France will also be able to access more content over the coming months with Orange VR Experience which will feature premium VR videos, as well as the full OCS catalogue in a virtual environment.

Orange has a committed team working on the technological building blocks to ease the adoption of VR content and services and make it increasingly available to users. With Orange’s extensive, high-speed network coverage, it is primed to deliver the crucial elements for the VR experience and to drive consumer adoption through VR solutions.
“We want to position Orange at the forefront of the VR revolution, creating new virtual experiences for our customers in an effortless manner,” commented Yves Maitre, Executive Vice President of the Connected Objects and Partnership team, Orange. “With the Orange VR1 headset, our ambition is to propose a device that makes VR accessible to our customers and in doing so, provides them with a user-friendly experience allowing them to enjoy VR content using their existing smartphone, whether iOS or Android.”

The Orange VR1 will be rolled-out across several European markets over the next three months including France, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg, with other countries to follow. The reasonably priced headset will be available to customers to purchase at approximately €49.99 (about US $54.5). The Orange VR 360 discovery application is included in the pricing.

The universal mobile VR headset is compatible with a wide range of smartphones fitting 4.7 inch to 6 inch smartphone screens. The headset, which was supplied by Strax, is available in black and comes with in-built hi-fi headphones allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in video content. Weighing 410 grams, the device has a large visual angle with a 120 degree field of view, a leather face cushion for comfort and includes a multi-function button to pause/play and answer calls.

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