Heading upcountry for the holidays? Here’s why you need to try ShowMax

Exactly a month ago, I subscribed to ShowMax. I later did a post explaining the step-by-step procedure of setting up one’s account to the subscription video-on-demand platform to enjoy its diverse content – from series, suspense-filled movies to documentaries and children’s programmes.

For the past four weeks or so, I’ve made the most of this expenditure, downloading content to watch later or just taking time to watch them directly. And I must admit it’s been a wonderful experience, save for a few challenges here and there (I’ve been unable to log into ShowMax and watch content on the Tecno Phantom 5,  apparently due to the model of my mobile device).

We are currently in the long holiday season, with just about two weeks to Christmas festivities which will then be followed up by the New Year celebrations.

This means that we have a lot of free time, with most of us staying in the house or utilising the time to visit friends and relatives we’ve not had sufficient time to be together with in the course of the year or engaging in our favourite hobbies.

Then there are those who like to travel to their rural upcountry homes – I’m here talking about those of us who have to travel to Western Kenya over Christmas – to be together with other family members, relatives and childhood friends.

ShowMax is perfect for those 8-hour holiday drives

Travelling upcountry means being on the road – and in most cases, in a public service vehicle or matatu – for over 8 hours. Now just think of what you’d do with 8 free hours, sitting inside a vehicle with nothing much to do during the trip. Obviously you can’t possibly sleep the entire time or be expected to stare at the beautiful scenery from the window throughout the journey.

Now here’s where ShowMax comes in. For just Kshs 330, you can subscribe to ShowMax Select via M-Pesa and access over 3,000 hours of content. Because internet access is unstable in most parts of rural Kenya, download the movies, series and documentaries you want before you go and save to your mobile device. Then sit back and watch during the 8-hour journey, when relaxing with relatives and friends at home, on your journey back from upcountry or during the rest of the holiday season – before reporting back to work (or college or school) in 2017.

What is there to watch?

For the football fan, you can either download or watch Ingwe Pulse, Gor TV or the SportPesa Post-Game Highlights while those who love and want to follow the lives of our track legends can watch Project 254.

For those who love documentaries, ShowMax Select’s line-up for this month includes such classics as Mandela, Biography: Morgan Freeman, Facing Ali and Fight Club with other documentaries available from ShowMax’s African Film Library. If you’re into action movies, you will also be taken good care of from the movie menu consisting of Sniper, Heroes, Butterfly on a Wheel and Wrong Side of Town.

ShowMax Premium for the full experience

Not all of us will travel upcountry, choosing instead to stay in urban locations where we are based during the holidays, mostly indoors. This means that we will spend most of the time in our sitting rooms watching TV with other members family members (or roommates), including the young children, even though our preferences and choices of what to watch is different.

Here again is where you need to consider subscribing to ShowMax. For Kshs 880, you can subscribe to ShowMax Premium and pay through M-Pesa, credit card, ShowMax vouchers or PayPal.

Like its name suggests, this is a Premium package and comes with the added benefit of a 14-day free trial period, when you sign up with credit card or PayPal. There are more than 25 000 series episodes, movies, documentaries and kids shows. Hit shows include all seasons of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Suits, The Big Bang Theory, The Affair and loads more.

Basically, the Premium package gives you access to ShowMax’s full content catalogue, unlike ShowMax Select which enables you to get just a selection of the entire content available on the platform. Meaning that as a subscriber, you’ll get more in terms of variety when it comes to series and drama, documentaries and movies.

So wherever you’ll be during the Christmas season and New Year festivities, take your time and visit the ShowMax portal, choose the package that best suits you – whether ShowMax Select or Premium. And then enjoy uninterrupted viewing with no commercial breaks in between.

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