Kass TV come now available on DStv and GOtv subscribers in Kenya

Kass TV, a new vernacular TV station from local media services provider Kass Media Group, launched on Tuesday December 13, 2016 on both DStv and GOtv platforms in Kenya.

Kass TV promises to provide programming including news, interactive stories, entertainment, features, comedies, drama shows and soap operas all broadcast in Kalenjin language. The entertainment line-up will offer captivating programmes ranging from dramas, soaps, musical shows, Kalenjin cultural shows, game shows and religious shows. Kass TV will cater for the burgeoning vernacular television audience that has grown as a result of the digital migration in Kenya.

MultiChoice Kenya Acting MD, Catherine Bomett said: “The channel addition is welcome at a time when the Kenyan market is receptive of local content. Kass Media Group has made the right step in choosing MultiChoice as a partner as they gain access to more viewers across the country. The launch of Kass TV is a step in the right direction in our quest to providing content responsive to the market.”

According to Kass Media Group CEO Julius Lamaon, the launch of Kass TV on both DStv and GOtv is a testament to MultiChoice’s commitment to providing viewers with increased local programming. Lamaon added that the launch of the station on the two platforms will further the vision of the organization to provide relevant content for Kenyans in their first language as a response to the growing market need for increased access to information.

“Having been one of the early adopters of vernacular radio broadcasting, we are keen to continue providing unrivalled and quality television content to Kenyans in their first languages. We thank Multichoice Kenya for hosting Kass TV on both DStv and GOtv and we are proud to be associated with Multichoice a leading market player.” he said.

Kass TV is now available on all packages on DStv channel 266 and GOtv channel 99.

For more information on Kass TV, visit DStv and GOtv schedules on DStv and GOtv.

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