Why not gift your family with a StarTimes Digital TV this Christmas?

One key characteristic of the Christmas season is always gifts – whether one is sending gifts to their loved ones or receiving the same from either friends, relatives or just a thoughtful appreciation from a colleague at the work place.

Children, on the other hand, expect gifts – in form of new clothes – from their parents while employees expect gifts – whether shopping vouchers or cash and other items – from their employers.

But what is that one gift that you get for the whole family, to keep you together as a household while you enjoy what it beams from your sitting every day, providing the whole family with visual nourishment and entertainment?

We believe that this is definitely the StarTimes Digital TV, introduced to the market this Christmas season to help families and households enjoy the festive magic with an incredible viewing experience.

The new and quality StarTimes Digital TVs are affordable, consume low electricity, receive both satellite and terrestrial signals without a decoder and enables the subscriber to access over 100 pay TV channels and free to air (FTA) channels.

The Digital TVs come in 3 different sizes – 24-inch (retailing for Kshs 18,999), 32-inch (which costs Kshs 26,4999) and the 40-inch version (which a subscriber can carry home this Christmas after paying Kshs 38,999).
For emphasis, below are the advantages and benefits of having a StarTimes Digital TV:

  1. Receive both satellite and terrestrial signal without a decoder
  2. Low electricity consumption
  3. No need for a decoder as it has inbuilt decoder
  4. Watch over 150 channels including selected HD channels 

For sales enquiries, contact Startimes Kenya on 0719077077.

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