ZTE’s partnership with MTN Uganda wins 2016 Best Network Experience award

ZTE has announced that its customer, MTN Uganda, has won the 2016 Best Network Experience award from MTN Group, at its annual business conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa. MTN Uganda is the only operating company (Opco) to win the award among the 22 Opcos within MTN Group.

MTN is the largest operator in Uganda with a market share of over 57 percent and more than 10 million users. Working with more than 15 equipment vendors, MTN Uganda faces a challenge in network operation and maintenance (O&M).

In 2015, ZTE won the contract to provide MTN Uganda with network managed services. Since the launch of the programme, ZTE has set up a strong and experienced delivery team and after just one year, key performance indicators (KPI) for the network’s compliance rate increased, along with an improvement  in service level agreements (SLA) demonstrating a significant change in network quality and user experience.

“In the last year, we have seen significant improvement in network KPIs as well as reduction in faults on the network. ZTE’s team and the local management have been fully involved in network performance and network stability,” said Mr Samuel, acting CTO of MTN Uganda.

MTN Uganda winning the award from MTN Group is also a recognition of ZTE’s ability to deliver managed services. ZTE is committed to providing better service experience for operators, government and enterprise customers.

Based on many years of experience accumulated in the field of network management, ZTE’s managed services products provide an overall solution for O&M, management of customer networks, customised maintenance and management services for communication networks. This ensures the effective and secure operation of networks, to guarantee network performance indicators will meet requirements, to help customers reduce costs, increase income and improve terminal users’ satisfaction.

In recent years the managed services market has matured. In order to better meet customers’ demands, ZTE began to explore managed services. This included energy managed service, IT managed services, service operation managed services, extended from the original network operation managed service. This means that ZTE can cooperate with operators on managed services in several areas, freeing operators from complex network maintenance, and allowing them to focus on their core business. Yang Jiaxiao, general manager of ZTE Services Product, said: “We have been concentrating on the transformation of the telecommunications industry, and adjusting our service strategy accordingly. We will continue to provide a series of integrated services solutions based on user experience for the operators, and assist the operators to provide a wide range of services to enterprise customers in IT, transportation, medical, education and other fields.”

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