Serianu partners with Paladion Networks to boost its cyber security offerings in Africa

With the level of cybercrime escalating in Kenya and the broader pan African region, local cyber security firm Serianu has secured an exclusive partnership deal with global cyber security giant Paladion Networks.

This partnership will enhance Serianu’s managed security services in Africa including investing in new technologies to upgrade its security monitoring capabilities and training its workforce in the latest cyber defense tactics.  In this alliance, Paladion will deliver the new technologies, human resource, training and knowledge transfer while Serianu will offer the leading edge managed security services for increased cyber resilience for local and regional firms.

(TOP: Serianu MD William Makatiani during a past interview with KBC TV. Photo: YouTube). 

Serianu MD William Makatiani said in a statement that the firm has found it necessary to establish the partnership with Paladion Networks following revelations from its 2016 cyber security research that Africa was increasingly at risk from cyber-crime. “Our survey revealed that private and public organizations lost nearly Kshs 17.5 billion in 2016 alone. In order to mitigate these effects, we have to work smarter,” he said.

Makatiani added that the relationship with Paladion Networks is crucial as it provides the local firm with stronger systems to counter the ever-rising sophistication of fraudsters. At the same time, Serianu will be investing Ksh 35 million over the next three years in security technology, infrastructure and training that will be carried out in sub-Sahara African countries. He said that the firm was doing this to expand its cyber security management capabilities in these countries.

“We intend focus on collaboration with local partners and clients. Sharing is particularly beneficial in cyber defense because attackers never stick with the same attack techniques, using different tactics and malware to crack defenses, so our partnerships with leaders like Paladion will improve our global threat intelligence and help us anticipate attacks. ” added Makatiani.

Amit Roy, Executive VP and Regional Head, EMEA at Paladion, said in the statement that the firm was excited by the new strategic partnership with Serianu as the first Pan African cyber security partner. He explained that local and regional organizations now have an opportunity to leverage on Paladion’s global cyber network, its proprietary big data based security analytics and orchestrations platforms, and our advanced cyber defense models, along with Serianu’s experience in implementing complex information security programs with a strong regional presence will help transform the cyber security landscape.

“We are now able to be deeply involved in tracking public and private firms’ cyber operations using Paladion Networks tools and therefore shorten by more than half, the detection, resolution and punishment curve that now stands at nearly 280 days,” said Makatiani.

The partners can now scale up cyber criminals’ intrusion attempts and TTPs, or tactics, techniques, and procedures. Together, they reveal the adversary’s method of attack. TTPs are the methods that a cyber-attacker uses repeatedly over a series of related intrusion attempts.


Serianu is pan African cyber security consulting firm with presence in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and Nigeria.

Paladion Networks is a specialized partner for cyber security providing end-to-end services and solutions in US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The firm has been recognized and awarded by Gartner, Asian Banker and Red Herring amongst others.


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