Telkom Kenya lost 2.3 million subscribers between July – September 2016

Telkom Kenya recorded the most significant drop in subscriptions in the period between July and September 2016 according to the latest industry stats released by industry regulator CA.

According to the report, total subscriptions for Telkom Kenya were 2.9 million during the period under review down from 5.2 million recorded in the previous quarter, a difference of 2.3 million subscribers. The telco’s pre-paid and post-paid subscriptions also dropped by 44.1 per cent and 8.0 per cent respectively during the quarter under review.

“The decline is attributed to the alignment of the reporting by Telkom Kenya Limited to the regulatory requirement that defines active subscribers as those who have used a revenue generating service within the preceding 90-day period. Consequently, mobile penetration dropped by 2.7 per centage points to stand at 87.3 per cent during the period down from 90.0 per cent in the last quarter,” states CA in the report.

The total number of Safaricom’s subscribers stood at 26.6 million during the quarter under review, compared to 25.9 million in the preceding quarter, representing a 2.6 per cent increase. The number of pre-paid subscriptions stood at 25.4 million up from 24.8 million as recorded in the previous quarter. Similarly the number of post-paid subscriptions rose slightly to stand at 1.1 million up from 1.07 million subscriptions posted last quarter.

Airtel Kenya recorded 6.7 million subscriptions during the quarter up from 6.5 million subscriptions posted in the last quarter. The number of pre-paid subscriptions was recorded at 6.6 million while post-paid stood at 147,359 subscriptions.

Finserve Africa’s (owned by Equity Group and operating under the Equitel brand) and Sema Mobile’s subscriptions stood at 2.2 million and 266 pre-paid subscriptions respectively during the period under review.

Overall, the number of mobile subscriptions during the 3-month period stood at 38.5 million down from 39.7 million reported during the previous quarter marking a decline of 3.0 per cent according to the latest industry stats. The net additions in mobile subscriptions stood at 1.1 million subscriptions during the quarter under review, compared to the 1.4 million net additions recorded in the previous quarter.

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