Zamtel launches Kirusa’s InstaVoice Celeb and Sports services in Zambia

Zamtel, a telecom firm in Zambia, has launched InstaVoice Celeb and Sports services for its subscribers, in partnership with Kirusa.

These services give Zamtel subscribers a unique platform to follow their favorite celebrities and sports clubs, with periodic voice updates.

Using the voice blogging feature, celebrities express their emotions and share their joyous and challenging moments by dialing a specific number; the voice messages are delivered instantly to the fans, creating a “Voice Twitter” like experience. Some of the popular celebrities on Zamtel’s InstaVoice Celeb service are Bomb Shell, an actress, rapper and model; Cleo Ice Queen, an award-winning hip hop artist; Dope G, an actor and musician; Eddie Black, a fashion Icon and artist; JayRox, an emcee and producer; Kantu, an award-winning performing artist, vocalist and songwriter; and OC, a versatile Afro-pop artist, producer and songwriter.

Apart from celebrities, subscribers can also opt for a sports content service to receive daily soccer alerts and updates from their favorite clubs. These updates include team news, pre and post-match analysis, and quotes from team players and managers. Kirusa’s partnership with ‘’ gives subscribers access to top content updates from Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc., along with exclusive alerts on players, matches, goals, penalties, and a range of other options.

“Zamtel has always striven to connect with the young population, fulfilling their aspirations and expectations. This has been done by continuously coming up with affordable and accessible products and services that are relevant to the young generation. Our partnership with Kirusa is of great value as InstaVoice services target the youth of Zambia and complements our vision,” says Evans Muhanga, Head of Marketing of Zamtel, Zambia.

On a similar note, Surinder S. Anand, Vice President for Product Management, Kirusa says, “We are hoping that our collaboration with Zamtel will provide an interactive platform for local artists and performers to bond further with their fans. Moreover, the soccer service should receive a far-reaching response in a country which has a proud legacy in football.”

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