ICANN board member affected by Donald Trump’s travel ban

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration for 90 days from seven Muslim countries – that is Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – has affected many, including both individuals and organisations, the latest being the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

In a statement issued on January 31, 2016, ICANN noted that the travel ban has already affected one of its board members.

“Late last week, the United States Government issued an Executive Order addressing immigration and visa status for some countries and people entering or planning to enter the country… This situation has affected one Board member’s participation in the Board Workshop taking place in Los Angeles this week, and it may make it more difficult for certain community members to travel to ICANN58 in Copenhagen in March,” stated ICANN.

The statement did not however state the affected board member’s nationality though the assumption is that s/he is from one the seven Muslim countries.

“We are monitoring and evaluating this situation closely, and are trying to learn all we can about the implementation of the Order and what it means in practical terms for the ICANN community, employees and Board in the near and longer term.”

Trump’s controversial order, which has since been suspended by the US’ Department of Homeland Security, also halted the admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely along with all other refugees for 120 days, sparking confusion and outrage resulting in mass protests across the states.

In the statement, ICANN added that it “remains committed to openness and accessibility” and would “work together with the community to address issues such as meeting locations and travel.”

“As a global organization that depends on open, inclusive, transparent and accountable engagement, participation and policy development contributions from all over the world, we encourage all governments to help support the freedom of participation in ICANN and similar bodies,” noted the US-based body which is in charge of the global internet.

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