Azuri raising Kshs 17 million to distribute solar units to 5,800 households in Western Kenya

Azuri Technologies, the vendor of PayGo Solar units, has partnered with Kenya-based Raj Ushanga House (RUH) to raise funds to enable them to distribute the solar products in Harambee, Western Kenya.

The online fundraising initiative, being conducted through the TRINE crowd-funding campaign, is meant to help RUH provide clean solar energy to thousands of Kenyans.

“The solar power that Azuri lamps provide is life changing for many, and benefits entire families tremendously. This is TRINE’s first ever A rating project, with an expected interest rate of 5.53% per annum. Investors from across Europe can invest from as little as €25 or as high as €1,000+”, states the campaign message by TRINE, adding: “the more you invest, the more you help and get a return!”

The initiative targets to raise €160,000 (US $168,000 or Kshs 17.3 million) and has already realised over €120,000 (US $126,000 or Kshs 13 million).

“Your investment will be a part of a loan to our partner, Raj Ushanga House (RUH), who will distribute 1,200 solar home systems. This project will provide 5,880 people with clean energy and change people’s lives in Harambee, Kenya,” adds the message.

Harambee is located 340 km east of Nairobi, in Western Kenya. The community residing in the grow sugar cane or maize. Like most rural communities in the country, with no access to the national power grid, they spend considerable financial resources on other available energy such as kerosene and fire wood.

RUH believes that besides bringing clean electricity to over 5,000 people, the Harambee project will also enable local businesses to flourish. “Solar energy enables people within the local community to save money and use the savings to start a business as well as opening up possibilities for business ventures such as hair salons, milk cooling and small shops,” it notes.

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