Moringa School to conduct free coding workshop at East Africa Gaming Convention

Moringa School has partnered with Aidem Business Solutions to host a workshop dubbed “Coding for Non-Techs” at the East Africa Gaming Convention set for next month.

The coding workshop will be free to attendees coming to the East Africa Gaming Convention (EAGC) set for the newly-opened Two Rivers Mall from April 14 – 16, 2017.

The session is aimed at equipping non-technical professionals in digital roles with basic programming skills.

Topics to be covered are:

Product Cycles

  • Build(MVP)
  • Test
  • Iterate

How To Get Started In Programming

  • Self-teaching/learning
  • Bootcamps
  • University

Founded in April 2014, Moringa School plays a crucial role in developing and nurturing highly potential individuals who are passionate about technology and want to take a lead role in mobile and web development through equipping them with lifelong skills. Through its top quality teachers to intensive curriculum, the school is creating world-class developers in Africa with the help of its partnership with Hack Reactor.

The EAGC is a first of its kind in this region and aims to meet the needs all the gaming enthusiasts by introducing a wide variety of educational and entertainment video games, online games as well as mobile games, education and information software, game related hardware, and next-generation platforms. Other items that will be showcased include latest phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc.

Entry to the exhibition is free though to there is a minimum fee to enter into the gaming competition.

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