Telkom Kenya’s Holla tariff subscribers can now make off-net calls at Kshs 1.80 down from Kshs 3

Telkom Kenya has dropped its off-net call rates for their bundled offerings of Holla Plus and Holla Premium to Kshs 1.80 from Kshs 3.00. The move means that Holla Plus and Holla Premium subscribers will now have the lowest call rates in the country.

Existing Holla subscribers on the Holla Plus and Holla Premium bundles will get to immediately benefit from the new Kshs 1.80 off-net call rate.

Telkom Kenya’s Communications Officer, George Mlaghui says the company is focused on providing customer centric solutions through its continuously evolving product and service offerings, informed by consumer dynamics and trends.

“We are all about creating value to the telco customer and these Holla bundles confirm our resolve to create more choice. Telkom Kenya appreciates the market demand for better quality products that demonstrate more value to them,” adds Mlaghui.

The all-inclusive Holla Plus and Holla Premium bundles come with free on-net calls and free SMSs across all networks. In addition, the Holla Premium bundle now has an increased validity period of 72 hours from the previous 24 hour period. To subscribe, one needs to dial *10#. The Holla Bundles come with an automated renewal feature for ease of planning for customers, with the option of deactivation by dialing *11#.

Subscribers also get to earn Ziada points – within the loyalty program under the same name, for prepaid customers – on purchase of any of the Holla bundles.


Telkom Kenya launched Holla, the 24-hour daily bundle offering targeting the youth, in 2012. Holla was later transformed into a permanent tariff in late 2012, due to the positive response from customers.

Competitor Analysis for Daily Bundles

Offer Name Retail price (Kshs) Minutes (on net) Minutes (across network) SMS (across network) Data (MB)
Holla 9 40 None 40 10
Holla Plus 19 FREE Kshs 1.80 (Rate) FREE 20
Holla Premium 49 FREE None FREE 100
Airtel (Unliminet) 20 4 4 20 10
Airtel (Unliminet) 50 None 20 100 50
Airtel (Unliminet) 100 None 60 500 150

 Competitor Propositions for PAYG rate 

Offer Name Retail Price (KShs) Time of day
Safaricom (Uwezo Tariff) Kshs 4 per min on-net/off-net

Kshs 2 per min on-net/off-net



Airtel (Vuka Tariff) Kshs 4 per min on-net/off-net

Kshs 2 per min on-net/off-net



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