Coming to Showmax Kenya in May: Don’t Mess with Kansiime, Churchill Show and more

Showmax Kenya has a whole lot of amazing local and international titles coming in May like Don’t Mess with Kansiime, Brad Pitt’s Resurrection, Beauty and the Beast plus a whole lot more. Check out the full list below.


Resurrection S1 – S2

Do you believe in second chances, even after death? The residents of Arcadia didn’t think so. Then a young boy who drowned over 30 years ago returns to them… Planned release date: 01/05

(TOP: Anne Kansiime, whose comedy show – Don’t Mess with Kansiime – will be available on Showmax Kenya from May 25). 

Fargo S2
In 1979, a young couple try to cover up a hit-and-run and discover everyone, from state troopers to mobsters, is looking for the dead guy. A brilliant black comedy. Planned release date: 08/05

Mistresses S1 – S2
Four close friends living and loving in Los Angeles help each other through bad romances, unexpected scandals and life-changing revelations… but not without a little fun too! Planned release date: 15/05

Gangland Undercover S2
Infiltrating one of the most dangerous biker gangs in history isn’t a safe life choice. But it beats spending 20 years in jail. What else can a drug dealer do? Planned release date: 18/05

Satisfaction S2
Things become more complicated for Neil and Grace, a couple committed to their marriage but also desperately bored. Unfortunately their flings are taking a toll… Planned release date: 22/05

Beauty and the Beast S1 – S4
A sci-fi romance with a twist, a detective starts uncovering deadly secrets when she crosses paths with an ex-military doctor everyone thinks is dead. Planned release date: 25/05

The Game S1 – S3
Being an American football star is tough, but if you want a real challenge, meet the women behind the stars and see what it really takes to play the game. Planned release date: 29/05


Mazagazaga is the story of Kokoro’s dramatic life in what seems to be a quiet village. Except it’s not, and the colourful characters are all types of crazy in the best way. Planned release date: 01/05

Taxi Driver S1-2
Masha seems to be at constant loggerheads with life. But Mina, the daughter of his boss, is a beautiful, passionate and sophisticated woman who loves him, despite his problems. Planned release date: 08/05

Tumaini Senta
Zainab and Tabu reunite in the slums, where they hope to transform the neighbourhood they grew up in by setting up a clinic … but not everyone is grateful. Planned release date: 15/05

Don’t Mess with Kansiime
Kansiime Anne is Uganda’s most successful female comedy export. She and Gerald always find something to haggle about in every episode. Planned release date: 25/05

Churchill Show
The Churchill Show is hosted by Kenya’s favourite comedian, Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki. His sketches are some of the funniest and wittiest stand-up comedy on TV today. Planned release date: 29/05


Collateral (2004)

One night can change everything, especially when your cab is hired by a dangerous hitman – and he makes you an offer that’s difficult to refuse. A high-stakes thriller. Planned release date: 01/05

Hellboy II (2008)
The spawn of Hell, armed with his cigars and massive handgun, is the only thing that can save our world from an ancient evil and his giant supernatural army. Planned release date: 08/05

Mean Girls (2004)
A homeschooled teenager faced dangers in Africa’s wilderness, but nothing can prepare her for the shallow kids and mean A-listers of public school. A classic teen comedy. Planned release date: 15/05

Georgia Rule (2007)
An out-of-control teenage daughter forces a mom to make her toughest choice yet: to return to the rural home of her own parents, where order rules supreme… Planned release date: 22/05

Death Race (2008)
In the near future, convicts don’t just serve time, they take part in a bloodsport where slow speeds and defensive driving gets you killed! Planned release date: 25/05

Last Holiday (2006)
She always lived life on the safe side, but when Georgia learns she only has three weeks left to live, she throws caution to the wind and risks it all. Planned release date: 01/06


Man at the Carwash
Fred is a hardworking guy with no luck and a dream to live large. But then his long-lost brother shows up and makes an offer he can’t resist. Planned release date: 01/05

Ndoto Za Elibidi
The story revolves around the theme of acceptance and love. The parents of four daughters and their lovers come to terms with HIV and the harsh realities of ghetto life. Planned release date: 04/05

Plastic Maasai
Two con artists pretending to be Maasai warriors prey on a transgender tourist who is searching for the mythical Ngina River, which is believed to cause a full gender reversal. Planned release date: 04/05

Friends for life
Lucy has been friends with Freda and Filipa since kindergarten and their friendship has never been tested… until Lucy’s childhood crush Alex shows up. Planned release date: 08/05

Ni Sisi
In a typical Kenyan village, a harmonious muddle of tribes, intermarriages and extended families, issues such as post-election violence, corruption, political bribery, racism and gossip loom large. Planned release date: 11/05

Sticking Ribbons
Kimberley, a former addict, addresses a group of recovering addicts and tells them why, after being released from rehab, she decided to go back. Planned release date: 11/05

The film tells the story of three men whose lives become fatally entwined in modern-day Mombasa. It poses the question: What can we do to address the anger and radicalisation of young people? Planned release date: 18/05

Intellectual Scum
On board a commercial airplane, Ruwe, an intellectual, sits next to a white man, Walter. During the flight they have an utterly brutal conversation, and Ruwe learns why people like Walter blame the intellectuals for Africa’s current problems. Planned release date: 18/05

Boda Boda Thieves
Abel is only 15 years old when his father is injured in a road accident. He takes up the responsibility of manning the family ‘boda boda’ to provide for the family. Planned release date: 1/06

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