Safetrac wins sales and marketing award Arvento Vendors Summit in Turkey

Safetrac has been awarded the Best Sales and Market Penetration Award 2016 by Arvento Mobile Systems at the Arvento Vendors Summit in Turkey.

The award recognizes Arvento Mobile Partner companies that have made massive progress in distributing Arvento Mobile Systems products in their respective regions. Safetrac is Arvento Mobile Systems exclusive vendor in East Africa, which also has a presence in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

(TOP: Ruth Kang’ong’oi, GM, Safetrac – third from left – poses a photo with other award winners at the ceremony).

Commenting on the award, Ruth Kang’ong’oi, GM, Safetrac said they were proud to be associated with Arvento Mobile Systems.

“We have kept our ears on the ground and as a result has been able to come up with cutting edge solutions that have resonated well with the logistics industry. This customer focused solutions and our excellent client service goes a long way to highlight why we were awarded the Best Sales and Market penetration award. We have deployed the use of the evolving mobile technology to assist our clients to be able to have the information they need even when they are on the go. Our technical support is also effective across the region,” said Kang’ong’oi.

Safetrac utilizes Arvento’s superior technology that delivers accurate and robust tracking solutions. It provides fleet operators with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and other insights into their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues.

Arvento is a technology company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing fleet telematics solutions. The company is one of the leading fleet telematics companies in the world offering a wide range of technology products and solutions. According to “Commercial Telematics Competitive Assessment – Q3 2014” conducted by ABI Research about fleet telematics companies with more than 100 thousand users, Arvento has been ranked as the 5th biggest company in the world in the list of the fleet telematics companies.

Today, Arvento has more than 55.000 clients and its technology and products are being utilized in 700.000 vehicles in 3 continents.

In October 2016, Safetrac Limited announced a new partnership with Arvento Mobile Systems to distribute these products in East Africa. The products include Fleet Telematics Systems, Vehicle Tracking, Person, and Asset as well as M2M solutions. The launch was a big boost to the transport and logistics sector in Kenya with accounts to about 8-9% of the country’s GDP.

During the summit, Safetrac Limited’s Technical Manager Bernard Limo also received the best Technical Support Staff award. He was recognized for spearheading Safetrac Limited’s technical department to ensure that clients fully understand how the solutions work and integrated into their fleets.

Safetrac aims to use the award to establish its customer base across the East African region and help companies build efficiency and enhance their productivity.

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