Tigo Tanzania subscribers can now read digital books online via Kitabu App

Tigo Tanzania has partnered with Jackson Group to launch a new online application dubbed, Kitabu App, an eBook created to provide various books (audio and visual) to different readers in Tanzania.

Kitabu App comes into the market as a solution to not only readers but also authors who can now sell and monitor book sales via their mobile phones, using the Tigo 4G LTE network, the largest, fastest and widest mobile network connection in the country.

Incorporating audio books on the same platform, the application is expected to transform the way Tanzanians perceive the tenets of reading, against a backdrop of the widely-held stereotypes associated with the citizens’ ‘poor reading culture’.

Speaking during the launch of the app, Tigo’s Corporate Communications Manager Woinde Shisael said, “Our Company continues to affirm its commitment to invest in improving the reading culture in Tanzania. We believe that this App will stimulate an interest in reading among the society, thereby reviving the declining practice in the country”.

“Many of our customers already love using phones to chat with friends and family members,” noted Shisael, adding: “Through Kitabu APP, we are providing an ideal platform to authors, illustrators and general readers where they can easily access reading materials via the mobile phone”.

Expressing his excitement to share the App with Tigo customers, the brand manager noted that they will now be able to catch up with their favorite books while doing other things on their phones.

Commenting on the App,  Jackson Group Director, Kelvin Twissa said: “Our Kitabu App is an innovation-driven initiative, motivated by the growth in technology integration. Through this App, we are allowing authors to reach higher readership heights via Smartphones. While we have many talented authors across different genres of books, there is also a huge demand for knowledge across the board”.

“We believe by getting more content onto our growing catalogue we can revolutionize content distribution across the country and bring back the joy of reading to Tanzanians.”

Twissa added: “Kitabu is an app to educate, entertain and connect with religious content. Education is one of our key focus, hence we are building partnerships and calling for more educational institutions to load their content, saving on printing and distribution of books.”

KitabuApp is a free downloaded application currently only available on Android phones that a user will only need to pay via TigoPesa for the content  that is required by the individual.

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