ITU to host ‘AI for Good Global Summit’ in June

ITU and XPRIZE are convening experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sustainable Development for the AI for Good Global Summit to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from June 7 – 9, 2017, at ITU headquarters.

The inaugural event is aimed to accelerate the development and leveraging of AI solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges such as poverty, hunger, health, education, equality and the protection of our environment.

It is being organized by ITU and the XPRIZE Foundation, a global organiser of competitions – in partnership with OHCHR, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNICRI, UNIDO, UNITAR, ILO, WIPO, WHO, WFP, ICAO, IFAD, UNFCCC, UN DESA and UN Global Pulse.

The event will convene a diverse scope of sectors, including leading representatives of government, industry, UN agencies, academia, civil society and the AI research community. These decision-makers and influencers will come together to explore the latest developments in AI and its potential in helping achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while also discussing implications for security and privacy, as well as the ethical aspects of AI. In addition, participants will evaluate the opportunities presented by AI with a view to ensuring that AI benefits all of humanity.

Plenary sessions on the first day of the event will give voice to leading minds in AI, framing the discussions by offering expert insight into the state of play in AI, the potential of AI to benefit humanity and the best course of action to help ensure that AI fulfills this potential.

Breakthrough sessions will invite participants to collaborate in proposing strategies for the development of AI applications and systems able to promote sustainable living, reduce poverty and deliver citizen-centric public services.

AI technologies will also be shared including the presence of the humanoid robot Sophia, by Hanson Robotics.

Below are the details about the AI for Good Global Summit:

ITU Headquarters, Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

7-9 June 2017 – from 9:00am

Representatives of government, industry, UN agencies, civil society and the AI research community.
Over 60 high-profile speakers are confirmed, including:

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