Upgrade your family’s viewing experience by purchasing the 32-inch Startimes Digital TV

Early this week on Monday, we made an attempt to highlight the unique features and value proposition buyers can expect to derive from purchasing the 24-inch Startimes-branded Digital TV.

Now we move on to the 32-inch size Startimes Digital TV model, which is very ideal for football lovers, especially now with the on-going FIFA Under-20 World Cup which began on May 20 in South Korea and being broadcast live on Startimes Sports channels.

The 32-inch Startimes Digital TV, which retails at below Kshs 25,000, packs some interesting features. Though having a bigger screen compared to its 24-inch counterpart, the 32-inch model is still very slim and light, making it easy to carry around when need be.

Available for purchase from Startimes outlets as well as online through Jumia, the 32-inch Startimes Digital TV comes with a full one-year warranty, giving customers a peace of mind as the TV can be taken back to the partner shop for any repairs for free during the warranty period.

Again, just like its 24-inch counterpart, the 32-inch model is plug-and-watch, meaning that the customer to install external aerials, which more often than not come with additional technician costs.

The 32-inch Startimes Digital TV delivers clear images  4 viewing modes, thereby ensuring that viewers are presented with the most realistic and vivid images, translating to an unforgettable TV viewing experience for the household.

The USB and HDMI slots also come in handy for those who want to watch content from other sources – including like flash disks, external hard discs and other devices – be they movies, music and even play games.

Added to this is the fact that StarTimes Digital TVs have the ability to receive both satellite and terrestrial television signals without connecting an external set top box.

The StarTimes Digital TVs are further designed to save up to 50% power, thereby allowing owners to enjoy better viewing experience with less living costs. It also comes with full High Definition LED screen, Dolby audio system, and wide voltage input.

We know TV sets are some of those household electronic items that people don’t upgrade very regularly and frequently but we believe you can still budget – this being the last week of May before salaries are paid (for those who are formally employed) – and purchase the 32-inch Startimes Digital TV and upgrade your family’s experience.

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