MTN, Visa and Facebook executives to speak at 2017 US-Africa Business Summit

Chris Maroleng, MTN Group’s Corporate Affairs Executive, Daniel Ngwepe, Visa’s Head of Government Relations for sub-Saharan Africa  as well as Ebel Okobi, Facebook’s Public Policy Director for Africa are among the speakers at this year’s  US-Africa Business Summit set for next week in Washington, DC.

The three are scheduled to make presentations during the first day of the summit on June 13 when the conference agenda will be ‘Navigating the African Market’.

According to the summit’s programme, Navigating the African Market session will discuss “how laws that are clear and transparent to all, regulations that make smart business sense, and policies that promote trade and support investment processes from start to finish will facilitate greater US.-Africa economic engagement, access to competitive financing, and mutually beneficial partnerships between US and African businesses.”
The overall goal of session is to highlight “smart and efficient” policies and regulations and to provide concrete examples of where this is happening in the US and in Africa.

The Summit, organised by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), will bring together business and government leaders to discuss the challenges of doing business in Africa, proffer actionable solutions for businesses looking to seize opportunities, and advocate to shape effective US-Africa trade and investment policies.

“The African market is changing. In the last five years, a combination of factors including fluctuating commodity prices, government policy, and unprecedented political events have presented businesses and investors in Africa with significant new challenges as well as new opportunities. Simultaneously, U.S. policy towards the continent is shifting under a new administration,” notes the event website.

This year’s Summit, the 11th edition of the annual event, is also meant to provide opportunities for US and Africa’s private sector as well as African governments to engage with the Trump Administration and key US agency appointees.​

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