Tigo extends 4G network coverage to Singida in Central Tanzania

Tigo has extended the coverage of its 4G network to Singida in Tanzania, a move meant to allow subscribers to access faster internet speeds in the Central Tanzania town. The 4G LTE technology is about five times faster than the 3G technology currently available in the market.

The expansion follows the successful launch of the service in 22 other major towns across the country, according to Tigo Northern Zone Territory Manager, Aidan Komba.

“Tigo once again demonstrates its commitment to promote digital lifestyle transformation and its leadership in delivering cutting-edge technology and innovation in this market,” said Komba.

He announced the beginning of a new digital era in the history of communication in Singida saying that Tigo 4G LTE will ensure tremendous potential and capabilities in enhancing customer-experience in the region.

Singida is an important commercial centre for the Central and Northern Tanzania regions.

“We believe that the residents of Singida, the business community and stakeholders will enjoy Tigo’s 4G LTE experience and make their social endeavors online even more pleasant. Advanced telecommunications is one of the key pillars for a developed society. The 4G network will therefore, contribute to the development various sectors including education, finance and health-care as well as bolstering economic and business growth,” added Komba.

Komba said that the prices for the 4G LTE internet packages were the same as the 3G packages, explaining that customers needed to have a 4G LTE enabled device, either a smartphone or router together with a 4G LTE SIM card to enable them to access 4G LTE connection. He added that customers can swap or get their 4G SIM from the Tigo customer care shop in Singida.

Talking of investment in the network, Komba said that Tigo has invested heavily on infrastructure modernization and optimization, aiming to support sustainable development in the region.

“Plans are afoot to expand the service to the remaining regions, effectively covering the entire country”, Komba concluded.

Raymond Royer, Tigo’s Regional Sales Manager for Singida highlighted the importance of 4G service and its contribution in enhancing mobile broadband services.

“In recent times, there has been a tremendous surge in both, subscriber numbers and data usage. Smartphones are growing at almost 90 percent a year thereby changing the way we interact”, Shisael said.

“Tigo 4G LTE technology will therefore, deliver customers the dual benefits of super-fast data speeds and much lower latency. It is a transformational force that will improve the digital lifestyles of our customers.”

The 4G LTE network means faster speeds to surf and down load content from the internet and make Skype calls. It also significantly enhances the customers experience for video streaming or conferencing. It can also accommodate more applications such as video conferencing, high definition content, video blogs, interactive games and video downloading on social networking sites.

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