Sampling our Triple Treat offer from Kilimall’s third year anniversary

Online retailer Kilimall is celebrating its third year since it began operations here in Kenya before expanding to Uganda and later Nigeria. To appreciate its loyal clients who’ve since embraced the platform as the go-to place for all their online shopping needs – while looking for quality yet affordable items -, Kilimall unveiled a promo sale dubbed Triple Treat  which run from June 29 to July 7, 2017.

And I was fortunate to be among those Kilimall honoured with a Triple Treat of a Kshs 3,000 (OK, it’s wasn’t exactly a voucher but I was told to pick item(s) worth that amount from the platform for free).

So I proceeded the site and picked three items below:





Smart Watch


This is a black smart wristwatch compatible with both iOS and Android phones via bluetooth for myself. Officially it’s called the U8 Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch Phone Mate.  1,099

Lady Wristwatch

I chose – after consultation – an automatic Mechanical Leather Band wristwatch for madam. On Kilimall, it’s called Women Automatic Mechanical Leather Band Wristwatch.   1,599

Toy Cellphone


And finally, I picked the Unyee Toy Learning cellphone for the (yet-to-born) baby. This is a triple-A battery operated toy cellphone for babies. Apart from being used to sooth babies and stop them when crying, it also plays educational music when the preferred button is pressed.  499

I picked the items on Friday morning, meaning that I’ve had them for a week now.During the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of using the smart watch while trying out its features. Remember the other two items have their owners who will use them and give feedback afterwards – including the toy.

Now, for me to set the clock – the time and date that is – one of the things I had to do was to choose my city. Then I scrolled down looking for Nairobi – or any other town from Kenya – and there’s none. Not even a single Eastern African town is among those listed.

This left me with Cairo (Egypt), Rabat (Morocco) or Johannesburg and Cape Town (from South Africa) among the choices I could pick. Now, remember Kenya is one hour ahead of both South Africa and Egypt. This led me to choose Cape Town – Egypt is in North Africa and at times they like being grouped together with Middle East – as Kenya and South Africa are all part of sub-Saharan Africa. Of course this ignores those South Africans who still ask people “How is Africa” when you step into their country.

Again, choosing Cape Town as my home city while I’m in Nairobi means that I set the clock manually, not automatically as this would mean that my clock is always one hour behind. And I’m yet to have the watch pair with my phone via bluetooth. Maybe it is because the phone I’m using is not among the ones listed on the product catalogue which has iPhone, Samsung, HTC and LG.

But those are the only weaknesses I’ve noticed with the smart watch.

The watch’s battery – which is rechargeable via USB – runs for what I consider along period before it gets discharged. After fully charging it on Saturday – July 1 – morning, it kept the charge for 4 days. Again, the battery takes just slightly over an hour before it’s fully charged. Meaning, it’s an ideal accessory for those constantly on the move who   have maybe just an hour to relax, take a quick meal while also charging their electronic devices.

The Kilimall Triple Treat sale involves discounts, free same-day delivery and free gifts for shoppers. Discounts are at times up to 50% across all categories while hourly flash sales offer up to 90% off select items on limited stock and time. Delivery is free for orders above Kshs 2,500 and can be done same day for orders within Nairobi.

That’s why you’ve every reason to visit the Kilimall online shop and take advantage of the reduced prices during the sale before it ends.

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