Lagos, Nigeria to host AfriNIC public policy meeting

Lagos will in November host hundreds of key players in the African and global Internet industry sector at the 27th public policy meeting of the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC).

The event dubbed AFRINIC 27 will be a platform for technocrats and business to discuss policies, trends, resources and challenges in growing internet for sustainable development in Africa and the Indian Ocean Region.

It is being hosted by AFRINIC in collaboration with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA). The event which is held annually consists of keynote speeches, policy discussions, seminars, workshops, tutorials and other forums for sharing ICT knowledge within the African region.

The 2016 edition was held in Mauritius and was attended by over 250 delegates from 48 countries around the world.

Registration for the event is on going through the meeting website.

Whereas internet penetration in Africa has grown from 11% to 28.6% in just 5 years despite challenges such as cyber security, it is lower when compared to the rest of the world.

Measurable parameters such IP address allocations show that the continent is quite behind. In April 2017, AFRINIC entered the depletion phase of fourth version of IP Addresses (IPv4) way behind of the other four continental regional internet registries who are already distributing the newest version IPv6 in earnest.

AFRINIC is the Regional Internet Registry for Africa headquartered in Ebene, Mauritius. It is responsible for the distribution and management of internet number resources (IP address space and Autonomous System Numbers) in Africa and the Indian Ocean region. The body ensures equitable and efficient distribution of internet number resources to the African Internet community to support Internet technology usage and development across the continent.

NiRA, founded in March 2005, is the organization charged with the management of Nigeria’s country code Top Level Domain Name (.ng ccTLD). It is a self‐regulating body and managers of the .ng national resource, the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) name space in the public interest of Nigeria and global internet communities.

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