Schools out? Why not let the kids enjoy their favourite cartoons on Showmax

Schools are out of session. This means that children are (and will be) at home until schools re-open in September. Here’s how to keep them entertained with Showmax.

Now, having school-going kids in the house throughout the day is something that brings with it either trepidation or excitement, depending on which parent or guardian one talks to. This is because, as a parent or guardian, you’d be happy to have them in the house, sharing quality time, bonding with them and assessing their overall personal development, but then you also have to contend with the chaos and disorganisation that comes with having them around.

But, to avoid or contain the chaos of having them jumping on seats and chasing each other from one room to the other, what can children do while in-doors? This is where Showmax comes in.

Showmax has a Kids section for content that is appropriate for children – and it’s not just appropriate for kids. It’s content that’s amazing for kids. From exciting shows such as Shaun the Sheep and Dora the Explorer to educational shows for pre-schoolers, including Teletubbies, In the Night Garden and Hogie the Globehopper, among hundreds of other shows.

But your job as the parent or guardian is to subscribe to Showmax on behalf of the kids, and then to manage or pre-determine the kind of content your children can access and watch. Showmax lets you do this through a feature called Kids Profiles.

It helps you to ensure that the content your kids access is appropriate to their age.

Here’s how to set up a profile for your kids:

  1. Go to your Account settings on by clicking on the arrow next to your name.
  2. Select Manage Profiles from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the blue button: Add Profile.
  4. Enter the Profile name you choose in the box (this can be your kids’ names or simply Kids Profile).
  5. Add a PIN if necessary.
  6. Choose the relevant age category for your kids from the menu: Adults, Teens, Older Kids and Younger Kids.
  7. Click on the blue Add Profile button again to confirm.

Then all you have to do is go to your Account Settings and select your Kids Profile (and entering the PIN if you set one up) before giving your children access to all the fun on Showmax! They won’t be able to view any content that doesn’t fall under the age category you selected.

And if you, as the parent or guardian, are new to the platform, remember that you can take advantage of the free Trial Voucher. Through the Trial Voucher, you get access to 14 days of free access to the platform.

After subscribing using the Trial Voucher, you’re then free to register up to 5 devices to your Showmax account. These 5 devices will then be able to access Showmax during the two-week period until the subscription expires while two people in your family can watch two different things on two different devices at any given time during the period.

From here, it is happy viewing for your kids (and their colleagues who come to visit) during the school holidays!

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