FIRST & EXCLUSIVE: Here are 9 series that are first and only on Showmax

Looking for something different, something you’ve never tried before? Of course you are. You’ve come to the right place: these nine award-winning, critically acclaimed and fan favourite series are only available on Showmax. You’ll find them all in the First on Showmax collection.

  1. Younger, Seasons 1-4

From the creators of Sex and the City comes this fresh, witty, weirdly addictive series about former housewife, 40-year-old Liza Miller, who poses as a 26-year-old after leaving her husband and trying to get a job in publishing. She succeeds, and narrowly avoids making some serious social media faux pas, while convincing her new friends, colleagues and even her 20-something boyfriend that she’s just like them … for a while. The whole of Season 4 is now on Showmax, so you can binge these very tasty 20-minute episodes from the very beginning. Watch now »

2. TUT

Danger and seduction hides around every corner in the court of Tutankhamun, the all-powerful pharaoh and “boy king”. But that power comes with great cost and many people want it… Starring Ben Kingsley as the Grand Vizir. Watch now »

3. Taboo

Tom Hardy puts on a gripping performance as the haunted adventurer James Keziah Delaney, who appears at his father’s funeral in the reeking rubbish heap that is London in 1814. He’s inherited very little … except an outcrop of land in North America, which everyone from the Americans to the Crown to the East India Company wants to get their hands on. But Delaney is neither a fool nor easy to defeat, and he’s got some diabolical tricks up his sleeve to keep his enemies at bay. Watch now »

4. Harlots

This racy British series is set in the fascinating world of 18th-Century London brothels. It’s full to bursting with big themes (slavery, women’s rights, the class system), big décolletage and big names (including Samantha Morton and Jessica Brown Findlay). The costumes and sets are stunning, and you’ll be hooked onto this story of two rival brothel owners quicker than you can say “quickie”. Watch now »

5. Rectify, Seasons 1-4

Daniel Holden served 19 years on Death Row before being released when new DNA evidence acquitted him of the murder of his girlfriend almost two decades before. He returns to life in his small Georgia hometown, but he’s not exactly welcomed with open arms. Will he ever adjust to “normal” life? And will the real killer ever be found? Season 4, which has a critic’s rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is only available on Showmax. Seasons 1 to 4 are the entire series, so you can watch it from the beginning right through to the end. Watch now »

6. The Young Pope

Fancy a glimpse of Jude Law’s bum? As Pope Pius XIII, the first American pontiff elected by the Catholic Church, Law flashes his holy bottom in the first episode of this controversial miniseries. But it’s not just about the eye-candy. It got two Emmy nominations this year, for cinematography and production design, so you know the filming and the sets are divine, and the show is a real treat for anyone who wants a taste of life behind the scenes of the Vatican … or power in general. Watch now »

7. Kingdom, Seasons 1-3

Even if you’re not a fan of MMA, you have to give this series a try. It’s about a family of fighters running a gym, and the personal demons they have to conquer and the professional hurdles they have to overcome in order to get in the ring and win. Frank Grillo plays the patriarch Alvey Kulina, coach and owner of the gym, Nick Jonas plays his younger son Nate, who is forced to stop training, and Jonathan Tucker plays his older son Jay, who’s got issues aplenty, but still strives to be a champion fighter. This is the entire series you’ll find on Showmax. Watch now »

8. Class

Delve a little deeper into the Whoniverse with this BBC Dr Who spin-off series, about six students at the Coal Hill School, who have to balance regular teenaged pursuits, like dating, with time travelling and vanquishing alien species from the Earth. Watch now »

9. The Frankenstein Chronicles

A murderer is on the loose in London in 1827, and his modus operandi is enough to turn even the strongest of stomachs. Inspector John Marlott (Sean Bean) is tasked with investigating the gristly crimes committed by a psychopath who, it seems, is trying to reanimate his victims once he’s killed them. You don’t want to watch this one alone. Watch now »

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