Flight search engine, Kiwi.com, partners with Sygic Travel to help users in planning holidays

Global flight search engine Kiwi.com has moved to enhance its mobile app by introducing a trip planning section. Apart from selling tickets, Kiwi.com will be helping its customers organise their holidays. The data, provided by Sygic Travel, contains tourist maps of the world, 20 million sights and travel places, 2 million hotels, and 70 thousand tours and activities. The travel content is displayed in the app upon purchasing tickets.
“Airlines and other travel companies are looking for ways to increase user engagement and want to offer their customers more than just a one-time ticket purchase. They want people to go back for more information and services. That’s why Kiwi.com’s decided to focus on this aspect. The partnership with Sygic Travel makes sense in this way. The data we provide to Kiwi.com is kept up to date by our content team and its reliability has been proven by millions of travelers already. For popular places, the database contains photos, detailed descriptions, information about opening hours, admission prices and contacts.” says Barbora Nevosádová, Sygic Travel’s marketing director.
“Kiwi.com’s strategy is to become the world’s leading online travel agency, providing its customers with everything they need or want to know. The travel-planning data from Sygic Travel is just one of many features that Kiwi.com intends to introduce alongside its proprietary technology and 24/7 customer service to make our customers’ trips easier and more enjoyable,” says Michaela Plesníková, Head of Ancillary Partnerships in Kiwi.com.
Kiwi.com, based in the Czech Republic, has grown rapidly in the recent years. It has become one of the biggest and most popular flight search engines and tickets resellers in the world with a daily turnover of more than €2.5 million.
Sygic Travel has been helping people plan out trip itineraries since 2011. It started providing its data and planning tools to other travel businesses in July. Companies can now use their White Label and Sygic Travel SDK (a complex package for implementation) for various purposes, e.g. to create their own tour guides or to list popular places for any area in the world and display them on a map. There are numerous ways of utilizing the SDK both in web pages and mobile apps.

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