Presidential Digital Talent Programme seeking interns, application deadline is October 30

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP), initiated in 2014 by the Ministry of ICT and being implemented by ICT Authority through a Private and Public Partnership (PPP) arrangement, is seeking interns for next year’s session of the programme.

The programme aims to provide a training ground to fresh university graduates in readying them to be the industry leaders and experts in the future.

The internship is offered to Kenyans who graduated between January 2015 to July 2017 from a recognized university and have a 1st Class or 2nd Class upper in their degree qualification.The deadline for applications is Monday October 30, 2017.

PDTP, also called DigiTalent, is an internship programme that develops the ICT talent pool in Kenya through a collaboration between the public and private sectors. It is a partnership between government, public and private sector stakeholders and is to be implemented by the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (MoICT) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

It is borne out of the need for government to enhance its capacity to use ICT in effective public service delivery.  It also provides a training ground for potential employees and an affordable labour pool of freshly qualified individuals in government offices. Targeting recent graduates, PDTP offers participants an opportunity to understand government services, and provides them with a chance to contribute towards improving service delivery to Kenyan citizens.

PDTP focuses on two key aspects: 1) leadership development to develop ICT leaders in government management staff by entrenching them with ICT business principles to effectively run ICT structures and 2) ICT technical capacity development by training freshly qualified graduates through an internship programme to develop a ready and affordable pool of ICT talent for government.

To apply, click on this link.

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