StarTimes clients to upgrade to higher bouquet for free after renewal of subscriptions

PayTV firm StarTimes Media has announced a new subscriber retention strategy that will see customers enjoy upgrades to higher bouquets at the cost of a lower bouquet upon renewal of their monthly subscriptions.

The move will see StarTimes subscribers on the terrestrial and satellite television platforms automatically upgraded to the next higher bouquet upon renewal of their bouquet of choice at no extra cost.

(TOP: Japhet Akhulia, StarTimes Director of Marketing and PR – left-; Stephen Oduor aka DJ Shiti  – centre -, the firm’s brand ambassador and Mr. Mark Lisboa, StarTimes VP, display the StarTimes 4-inch digital TV during the launch of an upgrade campaign that will see customers enjoy upgrades to higher bouquets at the cost of a lower bouquet upon renewal of their monthly subscriptions).

While making the announcement, StarTimes Director of Marketing and PR, Japhet Akhulia noted that for every monthly subscription made on the Nyota bouquet, subscribers will access Basic bouquet, customers enrolling to Basic will automatically be upgraded to Classic, subscribers enrolling to the Classic bouquet, will access Unique bouquet while those enrolling to Unique will have access to ten extra days at no extra cost.

“Subscriptions are key in our ability to retain our strong subscriber base, we have therefore introduced this initiative to enable our subscribers to access more premium channels at no extra cost thereby extending more value for less. We continue to enable more and more households across Kenya to enjoy affordable digital television and are committed to growing our service offering going forward,” said Akhulia.

The same will be extended to subscribers on the satellite television platform where upon enrolling to the Smart bouquet they will be upgraded to Super while Super bouquet subscribers will have access to ten extra days for every monthly subscription made.

StarTimes has also extended a 25% and 10% price drop for the company’s terrestrial and satellite set top boxes respectively. The company’s terrestrial pay television set top boxes will now retail at Kshs 1,499 down from Kshs 1,999 inclusive of one month classic bouquet subscription while satellite Combo set top box will now retail at just Kshs 1,599 down from Kshs 1,999 inclusive one month super bouquet subscription.

With the introduction of the StarTimes digital television sets, the company has equally dropped the price of the 32 inch set from Kshs 26,499 to Kshs 23,999 representing a 9.5% drop while customers who acquire the 42-inch set which will be retailing at Kshs 39,999 will now have a complete dish kit, accessories and access to one month super bouquet at no extra cost.

“We have adopted this strategy being an effort to not only appreciate our loyal subscribers but also to grow our subscriber numbers and encourage retention through account re-activations during the campaign period which will run between November 10, 2017 and January 31, 2018,” added Akhulia.

The company recently extended its digital terrestrial technology reach to over 30 counties thereby enabling more than 70% of Kenyans access its affordable television service while complementing the satellite offering that covers 100% of the country enabling Kenyans to have more affordable digital television service options.

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