Why Bixby offers you better ways of interacting with your smartphone

As mobile technology continues to improve at an immense speed, smartphone’s are increasingly becoming more useful enabling us to keep pace with our day to day lives. As technology makes our lives easier, companies are introducing new ways that enable devices to understand the current context and state of applications which allows users to carry out their work in a simplified manner.

Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby, allows users to weave various modes of interactions from touch to voice at any context of the application, whichever they feel is most comfortable and intuitive. This is where artificial intelligence and voice assistants come in. This technology and usage is evolving pretty fast, providing users with new and exciting ways to interact and control their mobile devices.

Bixby, which was introduced earlier this year with the launch of the Galaxy S8 & S8+, offers a deeper experience for users. The first variation of the system was Bixby Vision, which allows the user to point the camera of the S8/S8+ at an object to learn more about it or additional information from the web. For example, a user can point the camera at a specific landmark or building, and by tapping the Bixby Vision icon; it will look up and serve relevant information about it.

Alternatively, when travelling to a foreign country, Bixby can be used to help translate text on items such as menus and signs by framing the camera view finder on the text and selecting the translate option.

Users can also use Bixby vision to discover and explore more, by activating the function and framing images from one’s gallery or online, Bixby will look up and serve hundreds of relatable and relevant images making it easier for users to explore their ideas and research further.

For those who love online shopping from the comfort of their homes, Bixby’s vision system can be applied by looking up E-commerce websites that range the item snapped by the camera while in Bixby vision mode.

The Bixby’s Voice command feature was rolled out on the S8 and S8+ via a software update and with the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. It allows users to give a wide array of voice commands to their device in order to control or access features, search for information or execute tasks. Bixby Voice on the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 can be activated by a single press of a dedicated button located on the left side of the device. There are hundreds of voice commands that can be issued by the user to interact with and control their S8, S8+ or Note 8.

Bixby can also be used to interact with a variety of inbuilt applications including messages, gallery, phone, video player, camera, S-health, my files folder, device settings and more. For example, a user can give a voice command to Bixby instructing it to send a message to a certain contact, and by speaking the desired message content, it listens and transposes the user’s voice input into text on the messaging app and sends it to the recipient.

A user can also give commands to applications such as the Camera, by simply giving an instruction like “Open camera and record a video”, and Bixby will automatically execute the command. Such voice driven usability present smarter ways of using a smartphone by minimizing the time and effort involved in interacting with phone features while making the user’s experience simpler, fluid and convenient.

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