StarTimes Media, UNAIDS roll out HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Africa

The cooperation between StarTimes Group and UNAIDS in enhancing awareness of HIV/AIDS has been rolled out in different African countries including Kenya.

Earlier this year, UNAIDS and StarTimes signed a memorandum of cooperation with the aim of reducing the impact of HIV across Africa by disseminating messages to the general public to increase awareness of HIV and UNAIDS’ work and reduce stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV and populations affected by the same.

The first concrete action of this cooperation was realized on World AIDS Day where StarTimes broadcasted UNAIDS HIV prevention content across the pay television’s African network.

With the partnership, StarTimes and UNAIDS are boosting their cooperation in different African countries, aiming at mobilizing all available resources to enhance the awareness of HIV/AIDS in the continent.

StarTimes and UNAIDS have signed detailed agreements to raise awareness about HIV prevention among the adolescents and young people.

During a recent Global HIV Prevention Coalition meeting held in Geneva, StarTimes Group Vice President Ms. Guo Ziqi committed that the media platform would make all efforts to help Africa to eliminate the influence of HIV.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region that is most affected by HIV and its consequences. Although significant progress has been made, sub-Saharan Africa still accounts for nearly 70% of the people living with HIV worldwide. Two-thirds of all new HIV infections, occur in the region, many among adolescent girls and young women. As a result, strengthening the AIDS response in Africa has been a priority for global anti-AIDS campaign.

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