The Samsung J5 Pro: Hard hitter? Or walk over?

The new contender from the Samsung family, while Samsung’s Note 8 and Apple’s iPhone 7 look set to battle it out for the premium smartphone market, the Samsung J5 Pro has been ushered into place as the Korean firms’ new low cost flagship device.

The first noticeable enhancements that have been done to the J5 are the sleek body panels, that are smooth to the touch, paired together with the perfectly shaved edges, that make the phone sit comfortably in your palm, even though it is a relatively large phone.

Samsung have proactively advertised this phone as a budget phone, due to one of its strong points being that its performance is great for its price. Retailing at Kshs 30,000, the phone has 1.6Ghz octa-core processor, which in itself packs a powerful punch for a budget smartphone.

The Android 7.0 operating system that powers this device, blows all of Samsungs other J phones out of the water, while the operating system in the J5 is fast, but not flashy, with convenience placed on the pedestal every step of the way, an example of how Android 7.0 strives for convenience on the device is that it bundles your notifications, allows for direct replies, and even has a constant battery saver on the go.

As mentioned earlier, the J5 is a relatively large phone, with a 5.20 inch screen. In today’s world, the larger the screen, the better the user experience. Additionally, for all you selfie lovers out there, it has a 13.5 megapixel front and back camera. This enables the phone to shoot at 1080p at 30fps, not too shabby for a budget smartphone!

Though, this device is not basking in the sunlight just yet, as it does have a few shortcomings. The main one being that it has low base storage for the global version of 16GB. Ever since Samsung’s main competitor – Apple – started leaving the MicroUSB out of their phones, majority of the other smartphones in the market duly followed suit by leaving the MicroUSB out of their phones as well. Essentially, this then means that the MicroUSB port is getting outdated though the J5 Pro still has one.

All in all, hands down, the J5 Pro is a brilliant phone that makes you feel a shot of delight as you pull it out of your pocket.

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