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We are in December, the second week of the month. Which means that we are already in the Christmas holiday season, with the real festivities less than two weeks away.

While this is welcome news to both parents (and or guardians) as well as students (who are currently out of school waiting to join the next class in January), it also means that family members are spending most of their days (and time) in the house.

Which then brings us to what most family members like doing while in the house. For most households, watching TV is one activity – if not the main one – which brings family members together as they congregate around the screen. The only other contender here is meal times, assuming there are no family members who would rather serve their plates then proceed to their bedrooms to eat.

But for those who enjoy watching TV, and are StarTimes subscribers, here’s some real good news: from November 10, 2017 all through to January 31, 2018, StarTimes is upgrading you to the next higher bouquet whenever you pay up your full monthly subscription on your current bouquet.

Here is how this works: for aerial decoder customers, when you make a monthly subscription payment on the Nyota bouquet, you’re automatically allowed access to the Basic bouquet; new customers enrolling to watch Basic bouquet content will be moved higher to the Classic package while subscribers enrolling to get the Classic bouquet will be moved a step higher to access the Unique bouquet.

For Unique package subscribers, it even gets more interesting as they’ll upon making their monthly payments be rewarded by being allowed to have access to the bouquet for 10 extra days at no extra cost.

StarTimes’ satellite customers have not been left out either while designing the offers. For every 1-month top-up for Nova package, one gets 1 month’s free access to Smart Bouquet; a 1 month top-up for Smart bouquet gives you a free 1 month access to the Super bouquet while a 1 month  top-up to the Super bouquet gets you an additional 10 days of extra viewing at no cost.

Through the offers, StarTimes is rewarding its loyal customers by ensuring that the more you recharge your account, the more you get upgraded and the more additional months you get to access content at no extra cost.

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