Nokia unveils dual SIM handsets

In response to consumer demand and market trends, Nokia has joined the dual SIM bandwagon with the launch of two dual SIM handset models – C2-03 and C2-06.

The Nokia C2-03, the third Dual SIM phone Nokia has brought to market in the past month, comes with Nokia’s unique Dual SIM capabilities and has features that allow the user to personalize up to five SIM cards with a dedicated look and feel as well as Easy Swap option that lets users change SIM cards in seconds without having to turn off the phone or remove the battery.

The phones also come with new Nokia Maps for Series 40, where local maps and places of interest are pre-installed on the phone. This means users can view maps and plan routes when the phone is in offline mode, thereby saving on costs of downloading maps over the mobile network.

The two dual SIM devices also deliver a great internet browsing experience through the data compression technology of the Nokia Browser, which keeps the costs of surfing low and speeds up page downloads – benefiting both consumers and operators. The browser loads with a localized start page, giving the user instant access to the most relevant content, and is tabbed to give easy access to favorite or previously viewed information.

“We want the web to be easy to access, fast and affordable for all. The technology behind the Nokia Browser means that consumers, especially those new to the mobile internet, can get the information they need quickly, as the Nokia Browser serves up relevant local content – making the whole experience more personal and enjoyable,” said Mary McDowell, Nokia’s head of Mobile Phones business unit.

The three phones also pack a stereo FM radio, media player and memory support that can be expanded upto 32 GB, letting users store thousands of photos, videos and music files.

The estimated retail price of the handsets, expected to be available here ij third quarter of 2011, is approximately US $ 105 for Nokia C2-03 while the cost of the Nokia C2-06 is US $ 112.


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