Huawei joins “Kenyans4Kenya” campaign with $ 100,000 donation

Huawei Technologies has donated $ 100,000 to the Kenya Red Cross Society in support o the humanitarian relief efforts for drought victims though the ‘Kenyans for Kenya’ initiative.

“On behalf of the Kenyans for Kenya committee, I would like to thank Huawei for boosting this good cause through their generous contribution to help feed thousands of Kenyans who are currently in dire need of food and medical attention, as a result of the effects of drought,” said Mr Abbas Gullet, Kenya Red Cross Society secretary general, adding that the Horn of Africa, Kenya included is facing the worst drought ever, since 1950 and which has been termed as the gravest food crisis in the Region. Lactating and expectant mothers, children and elderly people in many parts of our country are in dire need of emergency relief.

Speaking during the ceremony, Huawei’s Kenya chief executive Mr Herman He said that every Kenyan regardless of their tribe, income or residence, has the right to access sustainable food and should not be wondering where their next meal will come from.

“Our donation today shows Huawei’s commitment as a member UN’s Global Compact to fulfill our responsibility as a global corporate citizen with local presence, by enabling a higher standard of living for those in our society,” said Mr He added.

Also present at the event was Safaricom’s Bob Collymore and representatives from the Chinese Embassy – including deputy Chinese Ambassador Yan XiuSheng and economic counsellor Han Chunlin.

Last week, 150 metric tonnes of enriched maize and bean flour was flagged off to help save the lives of Kenyans hardest hit by drought , that was the third consignment of relief food sent out by the private sector initiative, making it now 450MT sent to ASAL areas.

Kenyans for Kenya campaign, an initiative of the Kenya Red Cross, KCB Foundation, Safaricom Foundation, and the Media Owners, plans to raise $ 10,638,298 over a period of four weeks.

The funds donated will go towards both short term solutions (emergency food relief and water trucking) and medium term solutions (rehabilitating or sinking boreholes and setting up greenhouses to improve food security).

Huawei Kenya CEO, Herman He (left) and Kenya Red Cross Secretary General, Abbas Gullet during the cheque handover ceremony.
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