KDN unveils $ 6.4 million data centre …even as court orders it to deposit $ 4.3 million in joint bank account with Soliton Telmec

The Kenya Data Network (KDN) which was yesterday ordered by the high court to make a deposit of $ 4.3 million into a joint account with Soliton-Telmec, has today unveiled its eco-friendly data centre which will serve East and Central Africa.

The data centre, constructed at cost of $ 6.3 million, is located at Sameer Park, off Nairobi’s Mombasa Road. The facility will host applications meant to serve international and local businesses.

Also meant to relieve the region from the need to get ICT back-up services from Europe and America, the data centre is powered by solar energy and will serve Kenya and other African countries by protecting essential data under secure environment.

Technology employed in building the centre will ensure the structure can withstand even a bomb attack as the centre is classified at security level 7, the highest standard globally and similar to that of United Nations installations.

The data centre will cut gas emissions and energy use through an improved architectural design that has adopted use the latest solar-power technology to provide the energy requirements of the facility. The centre is designed for disaster recovery and is able to host critical computer systems with fully redundant systems and compartmentalised security zones.

The facility can enable local and regional firms to make significant savings on their hosting expenditure, as ICT experts estimate that many companies spend between 2 to 4 per cent of their budget on disaster recovery planning.

Completion of the data storage facility is therefore expected to save the companies from losses and damage resulting from interruptions of their infrastructure and data.

KDN partnered with Teldor Cables, which works through Amiran Communications, to supply and deploy a fibre optic network to be used in the new data centre.

The newly-opened KDN Data Centre situated at Sameer Business Park in Nairobi's Mombasa Road
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