LG Employees donate $10,243 to Horn of Africa to alleviate famine

LG Electronics employees have today donated a cheque of $ 10,243 to the UN’s World Food Programme to assist starving people in the horn of Africa.

According to Woo Won Na, the Managing Director, LG Electronics, the money will help WFP in buying and distribution of food to the most affected regions in the horn of Africa:

“LG Electronics employees having been deeply touched by the current drought situation in the horn of Africa, decided to individually contribute money and I am here today to hand over what they have collectively contributed to support their affected brothers and sisters.”

“LG Electronics strongly therefore believes that it has an obligation to give back to the community through various support initiatives and this time we are undertaking the commitment with individual passion and participation.”

Mr. Na also emphasised on the need to adopt sustainable long-term solution that will help the horn of Africa become food secure:

“We also hope that relevant governmental authorities will adopt sustainable long term solution that will help the horn of Africa become food secure.  Focus on high end irrigation methods infrastructure to compliment the traditional rain-fed agriculture in drought affected areas should be an example of an aspect to be given in-depth thoughts.  ”

At the same time, LG has been helping WFP to reach people by investing in sustainable development programmes, such as school meals, environmental projects, and nutrition assistance to vulnerable children:

“LG Electronics has worked with WFP before in Kenya and Ethiopia in the school feeding program and we remain alert on various programmes that need our support. We have been making sizeable donation to support development projects in Africa, making a difference to thousands of vulnerable people’s lives,” said Mr Na.




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