WhatsApp! now available via Nokia’s Ovi Store

A new mobile app, WhatsApp, which enables users to communicate much faster after download, is now available on Nokia’s Ovi Store. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger service that replaces SMS, enabling one to chat with friends from the phone’s contact list in an easy and fast way and works using the mobile data charges depending on the prevailing network tariffs.

Upon download and launch, the app gives the user four menu options: Chats, Favorites, Contacts and Status. Under Chats, one gets to see all conversations with friends and also continues with his/her chats. The conversations are also stored and can be traced back from the beginning.

The Favorites section, gives a list of one’s friends who have downloaded the app on their phones and is automatically updated the moment any of the friends get the app on their phones while the Contacts section gives a list of all one’s friends on their .

The last part is the Status section where a user can update his/her status depending on what one is doing at the time. There are already ten pre-set status updates though its gives a user the option to customize their specific status.

One of the benefits of WhatsApp! is the fact that it enables a user to communicate with anyone across the world instantly regardless of the model of the handset. Depending on the sort of conversation one is engaged in, a user can have a one-on-one chat with friends or a group chat. In addition, one is able to share photos, videos, audio recordings and even location all in one place while in a business environment, the app allows one to share ideas and information easily, have discussions and make decisions fast so as not to waste any time.

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