Huawei to deploy West Africa’s first LTE network in Nigeria

China’s Huawei Technologies has been selected by Nigeria to deploy West Africa’s first long-term evolution (LTE) commercial network for ZODA FONES, Nigeria’s leading telecoms operator.

ZODA FONES has adopting Huawei’s SingleRAN LTE solution, a network that will cover the capital of Nigeria and its surrounding areas to provide subscribers with high-speed and abundant data services.

According to Huawei, the selection was based on a thorough analysis of the operator’s requirements and the mobile market situation in western Africa, leading the network operator to adopt the solution which consists of radio access network and core network solutions.

Dr. A. Aliyu, ZODA FONES president said in release: “The deployment of Nigeria’s first LTE TDD commercial network and western Africa’s first LTE TDD commercial network is a milestone for mobile broadband development in western Africa.”

Deng Taihua, Huawei’s WiMAX and LTE networks president said: “Huawei’s success in securing this contract demonstrates its extensive industry-leading capabilities in providing LTE TDD commercial network solutions. Huawei is proud of this important project for ZODA FONES, as it will greatly influence the development of LTE networks in Africa.”


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