ExpenseManager App launched

A new mobile app, the Expense Manager, has been launched via Nokia’s Ovi Store. With the new app, one can keep track of spending habits and better plan monthly budget. The app, developed and powered by Shimba Technologies, has a tab for expenses and a guide.

When a user taps on the expenses tab to add a new expense, it prompts him/her to create a category for it and a user can add several categories depending on the expense. For example, if you are going shopping for your groceries, you can create a category with the same name and under it, you will list all the items you are buying as well as their costs.

The Expense Manager app breaks down one’s expenditure on a monthly basis. To view past expenses or add a new expense, the user swipes either to the right or left depending on the month to be viewed and depending on how often a user keys in the expenses, it will allow them to gauge spending habits over a number of months. This helps to identify periods when the user either went over the intended spending budget thereby helping to guide spending in coming months.


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