Firms adopt digital marketing to increase revenues

Companies looking to increase sales and make volumes of returns need to adopt the digital marketing concept.

This form of marketing that is constantly penetrating the Kenyan market refers to the use of the internet to reach your target market segment with messages geared towards achieving your objectives of either increasing sales or building your brand.

It harnesses the power of the internet in being able to reach millions of users at once, all over the world, at a fraction of your advertising budget on other media.

The beauty of advertising online is that internet users will only search for a specific item online, at the time that they wish to buy. Your Google advertisement is, therefore, displayed to them at that specific instance when they wish to buy, thus increasing the likelihood of them buying from you.

This in itself builds a perfect ground to revolutionize the marketing concept that has been limited to conventional practices.

As experts would say, the technology is distinguished from other forms of direct marketing by its ability to generate immediate feedback and reports than radio and TV modes. Therefore, their inability to generate immediate feedback and reports exclude them from the definition of Digital Marketing.

This new concept of marketing is enhanced further by the recent certification of Digital Divide Data Kenya, a BPO certified by Google to help local businesses increase online presence through Google AdWords. This helps firms develop targeted messages for the online market.

The firm’s Managing Director Amolo Ng’weno recently acknowledged that the certification promises to revolutionize the concept in Kenya and the region.

This is a chance that cannot just be left to go without proper utilization. Indeed digital marketing comes with cost cutting measures unlike in conventional media that would involve the costs of market research, advertising on various local and international media outlets, and a follow-up success-assessment research to determine how well the objectives of the campaign were achieved.

In this case the costs involved are astronomical and would be afforded by only large corporate organizations with the necessary financial muscle. Since the advent of social media; twitter, facebook etc, there is a vibrant formula of how you can achieve brand visibility and community engagement through blog spots.

Another intriguing aspect of digital marketing is the proximity with which it has extended to the masses through the mobile internet enabled phones. This rise of mobile internet means that a web site and internet marketing associated with the same translates to dealing with new audience and technology to make sure the whole science is mobile enabled.

With approximately 14.3 million local internet users and close to a billion internationally, the opportunity presented by Digital Marketing cannot be over-emphasized.

This brings a whole new dimension in itself in terms of driving users to choose and interact with creative messages.

This is where Digital Marketing upstages advertising through any other media.  Though your advert is displayed many thousands of times, on a million websites, you are only charged when a user clicks on your advert and access your website.

Even more interesting, you are not charged for repeat clicks by the same user.  Google’s system also sets a maximum amount of cost per click, which depends on what you’re willing to bid and on how much you might have bid based on the key phrase popularity.

When you bid on a term or phrase you are telling Google the maximum you’re willing to pay for the click against others who have bid on that same term. If the next bidder is much less than your maximum bid, you only pay slightly more than the lower bid for top placement. You can also cap your advertising campaign, spending at a predefined amount per day.

As the technology finds its footing in Kenya, suffice is to say that local companies have not been left behind in the adoption of Digital Marketing. Nation Media Group prides itself in having attained a daily traffic of over a million more than seven years ago while Kenya Airways has had tremendous success with online ticketing for more than a decade.

Government agencies have also embraced the opportunity presented by Digital Marketing, with the Kenya Revenue Authority experiencing a lot of success with online issuance of PIN Cards; the Higher Educational Loans Board has had a lot of success with online loan applications.

(This is a GuestPost contributed by David Mwere)


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