Nigeria’s Central Bank boss to present at AITEC’s Banking & Mobile Money COMESA Conference

Mr Tunde Lemo: Deputy governor of Nigeria Central Bank who's set to make keynote speak at AITEC Banking & Mobile Money COMESA conference in Nairobi,Kenya in March.

Professional bankers and financial services regulators from the East African Community and the COMESA region will have the opportunity to benefit from insights and experiences of the Nigeria Central Bank in the debate on banking regulation at this year’s AITEC Banking & Mobile Money COMESA conference.

The West African regulator, which oversees a banking sector market described as one of Africa’s most dynamic, confirmed the attendance of Deputy Governor Tunde Lemo to organizers AITEC Africa this week, raising the level of experience sharing across the continent in the conference on financial services innovation.

“We are delighted to have Mr Lemo as our opening keynote speaker as he has been heading Nigeria’s ‘cashless society’ campaign. Bankers and regulators from throughout East and Southern Africa can learn important lessons from their experience in pioneering new systems of money circulation in Africa’s largest market,” said AITEC chairman Sean Moroney.

Lemo is in charge of five key departments at the Central Bank of Nigeria, including Reserve Management, Banking and Payments Systems, Currency Operations, Branch Operations and Information Technology.

He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Bankers and has significant leadership experience as a top manger of banking regulation in West Africa.

Leading a delegation of Nigerian bankers attending the March 7-8 conference at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi,  he will join over 70 speakers at the content-rich event which will also have a focus on banking security, anti-money laundering, ATM security, mobile payments innovations and banking service delivery platforms among others.

Other African central banks represented in the conference include  Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

One of the key regulatory issues that the conference will be covering is effective security measures for mobile banking – a vital area for dialogue between the regulators, commercial banks, payment aggregators and mobile operators.

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