Iconosys’ Digital Pillbox to remind mobile device users to take medication

The Digital Pillbox with tablet

Iconosys, which develops mobile apps and technologies for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS smartphones and tablet computers, has unveiled the Digital Pillbox, an app and widget optimized for smartphones and tablets which reminds, tracks, and notifies users and their care providers regarding medicine, vitamin and supplement consumption.                                               

The Digital Pillbox maintains a schedule of medicines, vitamins, supplements and other critically timed consumables, while storing a record of past, successful consumption and, perhaps most importantly, keeping users on track to satisfy their medicinal regimens through an alarm notification system that makes the user aware, and helps them complete, their scheduled notification task.

In addition, the user’s care provider can be notified once daily – or for that matter as often as directed by the user and the care provider via electronic mail with an electronic spreadsheet showing medicines taken, and the provider can save this important information for future reference and/or for sharing or export in connection with ongoing care and evaluation of the user’s health situation. 

According to Iconosys, the rollout of the new app will serve a number of pressing needs, and address a number of important emerging trends, in the current health care system by helping people, particularly the elderly, to maintain their dosing regimens. 

“The biggest illness is the fact that people do not take their medicines as they are directed and/or as their health requires. Digital Pillbox goes beyond just being a handy, cute little tool for helping you to stay on track when taking your medicines,” said Dr. Silvio Margiles, retired pediatrician and former chairman for the Argentina Medical Board and Iconosys advisor in a press release.

The app allows the cared for/app user, as well as his or her care provider, to keep a running digital log of their medicinal consumption, and helps ensure better health outcomes going forward through the dosing reminders and the storing and transmittal of dosing and consumption-related information.

The Digital Pillbox’s medicine and dietary supplement reminder has ability to:

·         – Import images from a gallery or use the device/phone’s built in camera to add images of the precise pill(s) or other consumable(s) to be taken, making it easier for users such as the elderly to distinguish between medications that may look similar and to better recognize which consumables they need to take.

·          – Add pills, vitamins, powders, lotions, and other dosing or treatment regimens to a database for easy retrieval, all with details and instructions for consumption or treatment.

·         – Access the “meds schedule” on the phone/device’s password protected Google Calendar, and share this schedule on a need to know basis with others, such as your care provider and/or concerned family members.

·         – With the app, “cared-for users” can track their dosing history or enlist the help of a care provider or loved one in helping them monitor such consumption, all with the touch of a single button on the user’s Smartphone or mobile device for ultimate convenience.

·         – The app installs easily on a Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices, and can easily communicate with other Smartphones, devices and or computers through the use of SMS Text Messaging and/or email.

·         – The app also has an exportable / compatible Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at the ready, customizable for the user based on past consumption patterns and available for easy electronic transmission via email to health care providers and/or other device users.

·         – An alarm that sounds and takes over the home screen on the device when a scheduled dosing event occurs, requiring the “cared-for user” to press OK or CANCEL, and recording consumption information and history based on these stored keystrokes and other information provided by the user.

·         – Choose your own alarm tone that you find to be most desirable or effective from the settings screen.

The Digital Pillbox is now available for download from the Android Market, Amazon.com, AppHysteria App Store, and at Iconosys.com. The app costs $ 9.99 for a lifetime license, but is free for a limited time.

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