Nokia’s Series 40 Hackathon set for March 24-25

The eMobilis Mobile Technology Training Academy and Nokia are set to host a Series 40 Hackathon dubbed the Ignite Hackathon. The two day event, set for March 24 to 25, will be a mobile application development competition that will challenge participants on the technical aspects of writing efficient code, well thought out architecture, deployment of scalable infrastructure, application aesthetics, user experience and engagement.

The main aim of the hackathon is to release into the market applications that have mass market appeal and can adapt to the challenges that accompany rapid growth in user numbers and crack the revenue conundrum that has been a tough nut to crack for local developers.

The hackathon, which aims to go beyond simple creation of apps, will be held at The Start Up Garage, 4th Floor Piedmont Plaza, Brew Bistro Building along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Winning participants stand the chance to win three prizes: first prize of $ 5,000; second prize of $ 3000 and third prize of $ 500.

The hackathon targets development on Series 40, currently the world’s most widely used mobile platform. Series 40 phones range from entry level products that provide many mobile consumers with their first experience of the internet to high performing, featured, and rich user experiences on phones.

The first 30 apps to be completed and vetted will have access to a global market via publishing on the Nokia Store, with the top three apps winning cash prizes amounting to $ 8,500 while the first 24 to publish will get cash compensation of Ksh. 10,000 ($ 120) payable upon successful publishing. Registration is free but the event participation is capped at 100 developers.


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